Big and Highly Detailed Free Icon Sets for Your Designs

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When designing a web page or even a blog, it is very important not to overlook some essential details that, can seem at first thought not so essential. For example the icon set. As a newbie in web design, you may wish to skip this part, but take this piece of advice: there’s always room for better!

So, if we started talking about icon sets, let’s find out why they count so much. Firstly, it’s about ease of access and navigation. If you plan on having many visitors, you would probably want them to feel comfortable on your website and by using just a click, browse any other related topics and pages or follow you on twitter for example. Secondly, it’s also about looks. By using the right icon sets, you can give a tidy, professional or a stylish, playful aspect to your site. By harmonizing the overall design of the website with the icon set, the free fonts and colors used; by personalizing it in order to send the right message across about what it is about or what it sells, your goal would be easier to achieve, as the first impression tends to stay longer and influences a lot the decisions we take.

If you’re determined to make it better and nicer, here’s a showcase of 40 big and highly detailed free icon sets you can choose from.

Big and Highly Detailed Free Icon Sets

Stock icons

Music Icon Pack

Soccer Icons Pack

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Soccer Icons

Choose your sport Icons

Sports Illustrated

Retro Bulli Icon Set

Subject exquisite seaside tourist icon vector material

Payment Method Icon Set


High Detail Social Icons

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Canon 400D Lens

Free Designer Portfolio Icon Set

Massive Media Icons

Archigraphs Collection Icons

Moleskine Icons

Lovely Website Icons Pack 2

Gentle Romantic Icons

Outdated Icons

Chinese Wind Icons

Paint Icons

Cute Critters Free Icon Pack

Ice candy PSD & icons

Battery PSD & icons

Lovely Website Icons Pack

Mixed Icons Pack

Smashing Royal Icon Set

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