New Examples of HTML5 and CSS3 Websites

Marcus Thomas

Marcus Thomas

Although the artist has a website with a traditional structure, including all the common pages such as ‘Work’, ‘Contacts’ or ‘About’; however, he prefers to bombard online audience with the favorite portfolio pieces that speak louder than words. The front page is static and is quite conservative regarding the free space: it is compact, neat and well-organized. It complies with some modern tendencies to keep up with the others.



KRYSTALRAE has an ornamental header background that brings out the quirkiness, increases visual appeal, and grabs the user’s attention. Although the design is improved by some fantastic color schemes and bizarre geometric patterns that mark not only main page but also pop-up windows with offers and specials, yet the layout still remains conventional and intuitive for visitors.

Capitol Couture

Capitol Couture

Capitol Couture radiates of charm and chic. The one-screen page has a photo background that expresses the mood of the portal. At first sight, it seems that the website is pretty common; however after reconsideration, it becomes obvious that it breaks away from traditional boxy structures. A relatively huge full-height stripe that houses all the information and navigation is a clever solution.

Air Jordan 2012

The campaign reaps benefits from diagonal asymmetrical layout that not only sets the website apart from the others but also incorporates a subtle sense of motion and dynamics. It is empowered by some latest HTML5 features, robust foundation and fancy animations that result in a marvelous user experience.

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Bikes aus Düsseldorf

The beauty of the website lies in numerous factors. First of all, it has a fully responsive foundation that perfectly adapts to various screens allowing the company to hit the targeted audience no matter what. Secondly, it feels breezy, friendly, sporty and approachable. And finally, thanks to light grey coloring and generous amount of white space, images of bicycles, products that are advertised, always stay in user’s focus.

Nature Valley Trail View

Nature Valley Trail View was one of the first to successfully put into practice HTML5 possibilities and Street View Technology. This fully interactive leisurely walk through American Natural Park (you can choose among several options) is just awesome. You are welcome to enjoy landscapes and panoramic views not only via PC but also by means of tablets and cell-phones.


Pulpfingers ‘ website attracts visitors with a powerful artistic nature and charismatic personality. The fully illustrated environment with cartoonish spirit and a sense of humor is hard to missed out. It gets its unique beauty from quirky yet a bit rough drawings, two-tone coloring, and creative use of negative space.

Discover Bagigia

Discover Bagigia is hip and modern. It turns trendy solutions realized on the basis of HTML5 to its advantage. The team successfully equips the website with several interactive features to transform products display into a pure pleasure. Script-style inscriptions that accompany each item give the UI a subtle human touch.

The primary slider that depicts a range of goods has some tiny enhancements that correspond with the general theme.  For example, the pagination is presented as a set of available skins instead of basic circles or numbers.


The website of Superlovers is skillfully empowered by HTML5. It is concentrated around the works, yet it is still lightweight and fast. The homepage is occupied by a big image slider that demonstrates the most beloved portfolio items. Pay attention to the transitions between slides that are quite original and inventive.

Although the animation is based on a common sliding effect, however, it is skillfully reinvented and spruced up with diagonal, vertical and horizontal shiftings. The team also employs basic geometric shapes to create unobtrusive visual paths that enrich user experience and guide visitors.

Soleil Noir 2012

Soleil Noir 2012 is driven by a regular parallax technique, yet it does not look boring nor banal. Each section has a simple yet matching illustration charged with motion to properly deliver the message. Small fancy animations in tandem with subtle effects borrowed from HTML5 save the day. They easily take the page to the next level and do not overload the UI.

Guns N Roses

Guns N Roses

Not only does the rock band delight fans with great songs but also surprises them with a stylish and contemporary website that is reinforced by some high-end features. HTML5 keeps everything under control, providing the UI with a light yet robust and flexible foundation and fast performance. Each detail is thought-out and plays its significant role: table is used to display events in order, grid – to showcase products from e-store, and introduction video – to charge the atmosphere.


Alliance of HTML5 and CSS3 has become an ideal replacement for Flash technology. This trendy inseparable tandem provides interfaces with a secure base, and spices up user experience with some outstanding effects and interactive tricks. With all this it also saves the website from being heavyweight and slow. Although there are still problems with browser compatibility when it comes to CSS animations or high-end techniques powered by HTML5, however, this imperfection will be slowly but surely overcome.

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