Impressionist Icons – Vector Icons Pack

Impressionist Icons is an amazing pack containing 200 vector icons.  You can change and adapt icons any way you like (from 16x16px to unlimited sizes). And the icons will always look perfect and professional. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match icons – they are specially designed with this in mind.

Every image in the Impressionist Icons pack is made to real proportions, at 16 pixels square. What does this mean for you? A perfect icon every time – at any size – whether it is favicon or a billboard near the airport. Impressionist Icons is the ultimate pack containing everything a designer needs.

All the elements in this pack have been carefully made in Photoshop using shapes (PSD) as vector objects. The icons are perfect for all your digital projects – websites, mobile interfaces, software, illustrations and more.

Impressionist Icons give you everything you need to get started on that next project. Buy it today and have more time to work on other parts of your site or application design project.

Impressionist Vector Icons Pack

Impressionist Vector Icons Pack

6 Responses
  1. Rafael G. Lepper Jul 27, 9:20 am

    Hi, I’ve been working with a designer that’s using this icon set and I was wondering if there’s a font version of it ?
    If not, please create a font version.


  2. suzanna Dec 5, 12:07 pm

    What’s the license for this set? Can I use your icons in application/product that I’m going to sell or distribute?

  3. Billy Feb 14, 11:01 pm

    Awesome set! But for $19 bucks? Sure you’ll get people who’ll pay that, but you’ll miss out on people who won’t (More people have liked the comment saying they wouldn’t pay than have commented on the set as a whole). I don’t think your maximising your profitability here with your current price point. The work is already done so it costs nothing from this point. You can have 100 people buy this at $19 and you have a nice tidy sum of $1900, or you can reduce the price to $10, have 300 buy this and make $3000.

    • liam May 3, 10:18 pm

      not sure you understand how this quite works. Instead of trying to find another (arbitrary) 200 people to reach 3,000 dollars, all he needs to do is find another 58 people willing to pay $20 (which isn’t much – i charge 150+ an hour for my services, so buying this set is worth my time if i really wanted it).. It’s counter intuitive – if your shop is going out of business, peoples first instinct is to drop prices. Instead many company’s should consider keeping prices the same, if not raising them. I would much rather find 58 people willing to pay $19 than 200 people willing to pay 10. Plus if price is an issue, people will complain if it was $10 and, “why isn’t it free?”

  4. steve Apr 29, 11:00 pm

    Considering the amount of time that I’m sure went into designing these $19 is extremely inexpensive.

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