Impressionist UI – Bundle Pack

Impressionist UI Bundle Pack contains five User Element styles. Each style is unique and can be used for a variety of applications. You can save up to $96 for the Personal License, and up to $396 for the Developer License with this Bundle Pack. This price is hard to beat!

What does the Bundle Pack contain?

Impressionist UI – Eco Style: This style is created for brighter backgrounds by default. The modern design can be used in any project containing graphic elements. The primary color of Eco Style is white; the secondary color in this sub-pack is green.

Impressionist UI – Aurora Style: This style looks great on darker backgrounds. It is wonderful for dark websites and is created with blue as the dominant color.

Impressionist UI – Air Style: The style can be used while working on projects with lighter backgrounds. Blue is the primary color.

Impressionist UI – Hybrid Style: This style has a quite distinctive look and was created using darker shades. It can be used even for creating applications.

Impressionist UI – Spice Style: This style uses bright color in an eye-pleasing style. Orange and purple will provide focal points for users.

The Bundle Pack also includes more than 200 icons in vector format that are appropriate for a wide variety of projects.

Each of these five styles are really different but what they have in common is a professional look and feel. Don’t spend time creating new elements, buy this pack so you have more time to invest in the creative process.

Eco Style

Aurora Style

Air Style

Hybrid Style

Spice Style

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  1. Arashi Nov 17, 7:16 pm

    I want to buy Impressionist, can I use Pixelmator to edit the graphics instead of adobe CS?

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