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Website conversion rate is a key marker of your site’s success. Apart from other statistic data, conversion shows the actual numbers of visitors who not only stopped by your site but who completed the desired action a purchase, for instance. Therefore, the higher your conversion rate is, the more profit you get. There are numerous ways to improve conversions but in this article we’ll concentrate on those that deal with website design.

Obviously, a good dress is a card of invitation. But it’s crucial to understand what “good” in our case means. The most stunning design may prove absolutely useless if a user gets lost and shuts down the page. Your aim is to make the site easy to navigate so that the visitor has to complete only a few easy steps to make a purchase.

First of all, make sure that all key buttons and links are perfectly visible. Don’t be afraid to make big colorful buttons: the thing is that the visitor wants to notice them so he’d appreciate such a choice. Think of an appropriate text. “Buy” works better than just “Add”. Some people hate scrolling down which means it’s better to position key navigation elements within easy reach.

The thing is that the less effort the user spends on navigation, the more effort he’ll spend on actual purchasing. Thus your task is to make the site as intuitively understandable as possible. In other words, make your visitor feel at home! Uniqueness is great, but if you want to increase conversions, traditional page layouts are really worth trying. The visitor will rely on his previous browsing experience even if he came to your site for the first time.

Once your user has reached the order form, he is facing a tough task of filling it in. Your goal is to optimize it so that the user will complete all the steps and make it into another point to your conversion rate. Check whether the questions are appropriate and easy to understand. It’s a great idea to highlight in-line errors as the visitor will immediately see what he needs to correct. Going back to the previous form is always annoying! By the way, you can take the advantage of multistep forms as little steps are always easier to complete.

So, when your customer clicks on “Complete the Order”, the conversion rate grows. With these practical ideas on how to improve conversions, you’ll make profit and create a really successful business.

Increase Conversions

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