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Interesting Photo Manipulation Artworks


These are my works and also my wallpapers made for all of you, guys. The available resolutions range from 1024×768 to 1920×1200.

Well, my artwork is based on making wallpapers with tools and materials offered by Photoshop. I started working in Photoshop one year ago and, after a few preps and sketches, I’ve managed to make my first wallpaper/creation without any help. It’s name is symbolic and represents the rebirth of my own person – “Chess – Renaissance”. You can see how my work evolves from the first piece called “Chess – Renaissance” to “Origami”. I’ve played with all kind of art just to learn and experiment.

In my photos, I’ve tried to include a bit of everything: love, joy; because this is the key for making good stuff. Also, in my photos I’ve tried to send the same emotions I was feeling while I was creating the photo, and probably I’ve managed to do that.

Every time when I’m working at a new picture, I’m trying to go beyond myself and make a better work than the last time. I was asked how i get inspired or where do I find my inspiration. This is a tricky question, because I’m having no answer for this one. Basically, the idea just appears in my head or while I’m watching some photos.

Photo Manipulation Artworks

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Alexandru Tudoran

I am Graphic Designer from Romania. If you want to contact me, feel free to mail me at contact[@]cruckntask.com. You can find my artwork at cruckntask.com

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