Invoice Design Inspiration: Best Examples and Practices

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Invoice has to be accurate and to-the-point so that you don’t face any problem when it comes to receiving payment from clients. Designing invoice may seem easy but it isn’t so. It’s requires a lot of seriousness and thoughtfulness. You can say that it acts as a tool through which your expectations and professionalism is communicated to clients and you get paid.

Therefore, when you design invoice, you also need to remember that it should not mark an end of your relationship with the client. Rather, it should be used to effectively reinforce your future relations.

Nowadays, maximum transaction is performed online. For instance, companies involved in web designing or any other online service depend heavily on online payment from their clients for the work done by them. To claim payment, they need to send an invoice to their clients. While sending it, they have to see if the invoice has all the necessary details presented in an organized manner.

Invoice details include name of the company and its mailing address, date and number of the invoice, shipping address, contact details of the concerned person, item number, product quantity, description, man hours, rate and amount. Other than this, it is also wise to list details of all the work done for client and the terms and conditions for payment.

Design Invoice Best Practices

Some may think it’s unwise to mention terms and conditions for payment. But suppose if a client delays your payment, what you would do. To be safe than sorry, it’s always better to incorporate payment deadline and what may happen if the deadline has passed. This kind of elaborate invoice can help any company in following up their payments or sending overdue notifications with proper evidence.

To be frank, it leaves no scope for confusion and misunderstanding. And above all, it reflects company’s sincerity and professionalism. After all, sending an invoice doesn’t mean an end of the relationship with client. A good invoice can open up many opportunities to work with the same client over and over again. So you can say that it is a sort of sales pitch also.

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In some invoices, you can also notice testimonials. It’s a good way of showing your politeness. And as you know wherever money is involved, being polite is utmost important. An invoice can be used to say thanks and to obtain remarks from clients.

Lastly, a significant point that calls for your attention here is the use of good quality invoice. By quality it means the use of color, logo, branding and error-free texts on invoice.

Design Invoice Inspiring Examples

Now that you know the kind of details your invoice should include, let’s move forward and draw inspiration from some ideal invoice examples. Invoice can be created with the help of invoice software or by designing a customized one from the beginning.

Whatever way you are comfortable with, you can first take a look at invoices designed by Chase (holdsnowater), Microspective, Impulse Studios, Julie Fitzgerald, Thomas Maxson, Stereotypes, Ole Martin Buene, Sugar Rush Creative and Yummygum.

Each one of them presents you with different invoice styles and designs. But one thing is common in all of them and that is their ability to include all necessary details in a very simple yet attractive format. You can take cue from the type of elements they have used in the invoice such as text, color combination, texture, style, formatting and so on.

In case you want to take help of online invoice application stores, check out Blinksale, Invotrak, LessAccounting, CurdBee, QuickBooks Online, etc.

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