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Ultimate Collection of Free iPad Icons, Tutorials and PSD’s


The latest creation from Apple, the ipad gives you multi-tasking opportunities like web browsing, sharing photos, email, watching videos, games, reading books etc. The added features along with this include the App store, calendar, maps, contacts, ibooks and many more. These different features require attractive icons to represent. In this article you can get your type of iPad icons, tutorials and PSD’s to use them in your projects.

Some iPad icons have high resolutions and are used for max osx and the other types of os. They can be used for ipad wall papers. Another kind of icon includes a pack of full sized graphic with 257px, 129px and 66px. There are four sizes of ipad graphics. An ipad looks lighter than a normal desk note and users are becoming more compatible with the ipad now.  Some websites give you free Photoshop icons. They are easy to apply and have icon template with excellent tutorials, transparent dock and customized wallpaper.

iPad icons and PSD are fully editable and can be worked upon. The workable screen has a format of 768px and 1024px to make designs done on Photoshop to be transferred to SDK. Some icons have exact overlays and outlines. They mask the ipad OS use for masking icons. With this iPad template you can view the pre-supplied gloss and also modify it. It has layer effects and is pixel –accurate. There are some hard pixels icons in different sizes of 48px, 32px and 16px. For each size there is a different version, one with a hard gloss and the other with a matte shine.

Customizing iPad GUI PSD is done by all designers to make it look perfect according to their requirements. The iPad PSD are of various colors and designs and you are sure to like them. There are some splendid looking wallpaper with brilliant lines and a dark background. The light is bright and the blaze comes as 1024px by 1024px. There are some iPad icons, tutorials and PSD that are simple and can be used anywhere. A pack of eighteen different icons with seven different motives and with different perspective will be a good choice for your iPad. It can be used in various publishing software. So make your work easy by taking ideas from our article and enjoy the great resource in your work.

Free iPad Icons, Tutorials and PSD’s


iPad PSD

iPad 2 Psd Vector Mockup Template

classic iPad icon

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