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With the reveal of iOS7 a few months back and the new product design of iMac, we were shown a glimpse of the new Apple product line up to come this Fall. Although many designers shown outrage with the new iOS design – including myself actually – some have taken it to the next level by embracing it. What I mean by this is that they have accepted the new iOS design style and improved it; however that is not the only thing, they also created a concept for iPhone 6 to further the overall design concept.

We are all anxious to see what Apple is going to reveal in their September Keynote; like always designers create prototypes of what they wish or anticipate to see. These iPhone 6 concepts are one of them. However, there is something to be said about these particular designs.

Simply put, I think they are beautiful interfaces that encompass the new Apple design style to create amazingly looking designs. They have fun and rich colour schemes, light typography and an interesting way to work with the new iPhone interface.

The new iPhone

So what is different in the new iPhone concept?  Well the biggest thing you can notice is that is looks very well like an iPhone 5 but the screen wraps around the edge of the phone. Personally, I think this looks pretty neat but it might not work out too well in terms of a real device from usability stand points but that’s just the user experience advocate in me talking.

As you can see in the shots below some designers used that space for small buttons to social medias and others just continued the beautiful background of their interfaces. This side extension is purely aesthetic as it seems to be hard to fill out a more usable function in such thin, long and awkward space.

The shots

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The top interface is very rich thanks to the warm red tones in the colour scheme. The background atop is very fun and makes a good use of the play between the different colours, actually. Your eye is just drawn to it. Overall this interface doesn’t have too much going on as it doesn’t have much besides a simple triangle icon, a headline and a subscribe button.

What a different looking Twitter interface; but, it does fall into line of the iOS 7 design style. As you can see the functionality of the Twitter app is the same but it has a new paint coat which makes it look like it is a native Apple design app. Not a bad shot though, I love the little explanatory arrows – adds a very designery touch. Don’t you think?

This is a beautiful interpretation of the new iOS7 lock screen on the iPhone 6 concept. This time though, this is a very neat close up of the screen interface which allows you to take in the slick and slim typography that the new iOS design has going on. The sky background too fit into the Apple design theme that company is so famous for.

This is personally one of my favourites because of the coloured background. It is just splendid. This interface is again of the lock screen where you can see the current weather. The iconography works so well with the typography actually. But the vibrant background colours are what draw one’s attention in. Those colours are to die for.

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I must say I enjoy this Messages interface as it is so bluntly simple and so to the point – it is just marvelous. It too falls into the new flat iOS7 design although it differs slightly from what was revealed to us. This design works very well with the flat trend that has influenced the new iOS design style as well.

Here we have another lock screen that is so minimal yet so wonderful. Of course we have another wonderful background mesmerizing us. But, if you look past it you can see the grand typography for the time as well as a new way to unlock the iPhone which is to swipe up, not right. This idea came from the swiping down motion for notifications and mirrors it with the unlock function.

Unlike most other lock screens so far in this list, this one is going with a flat background; nice. This shot is actually a rebound of the previous one where you can see the same slick to unlock slide up functionality. However, I find this shot to be awesome because of the blue hues –they are so rich; but also because it encompasses the long shadow trend that has been going on Dribbble since the release of iOS 7 design. It’s a cleaver way of tying thing in.

And once again long shadows and weather. This app is just plain sexy. Unlike the typical thin typography and iconography of iOS7, this design calls for a thin temperature type but bold iconography everywhere else. The contrast is quiet interesting actually because the balance between the two works so well.  Actually this weather app design has a lot going on but it doesn’t seem cluttered which is execution at its best.

Square has beautiful both product design and product interface design. However, this design concept for the Square App is very well executed in the name of iOS7 design. This basically is a fancy calculator app but it looks so good. Don’t you think? It looks light and modern, simple and elegant all at once.

This is a pretty neat travel app design concept which allows you to share where you have traveled to with your friends. What I love about this design is that is has a dark and actually daring colour palette which is refreshing as most iOS7 designs are light in terms of colour. I can’t get over the charcoal grays contrast with the red. And the small highlights of white are genius.

This last shot demonstrates a lovely blurred background – way to go with the iOS 7 flow on that one since they have embrace blurred background on overlay interfaces. Then we have a bunch of various graphs which seem to be a monotone white with different opacities for the most part. They look really grey and they don’t look cluttered either as they are very well organized.

And that is for my list. I hope you enjoyed this amazing list of concept designs and that you’ll find yourself inspired. Speaking of which, I want to see your versions of the iPhone 6 iOS7 interface design. Let’s see what you’ve got and send over the links in comments!

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