12 Useful jQuery Form Validation – Techniques and Tutorials


How to Validate Forms in both sides using PHP and jQuery

Unlike the most of the listed above instruments, this solution is based on a powerful collaboration of PHP and jQuery. Have been tested on all popular browsers, it works without a hitch. The developer describes a technique of validating form on a client side, using JavaScript and jQuery; and on a server side, using PHP spiced up with some extra features. What’s more, it leverages several regular expressions to check various sorts of emails and passwords, so that be ready for some interesting and advanced stuff.

jQuery Form Plugin

. jQuery Form Plugin is based on Ajax principles and leverages ajaxform and ajaxsubmit methods to achieve the desired result. These two provide the developer with a full control over the form and let assign validation to input data. The author briefly explains the fundamentals and demonstrates them in action by using a classic login form with two fields: name and password.

Use it to upgrade an existing form or create something from scratch.


jQuery.validity is a lightweight and pretty plain plugin. There is nothing extraordinary or special; it just validates fields according to different parameters. If you do not want to overload your project with extra stuff, it is an ideal solution. Moreover, it is able to analyze the submitting data and check inputs on emptiness.

jQuery Live Form Validation

Comes with such features as custom validation, styling through CSS, error messages, expressions and shifting between live and onsubmit validations, this jQuery plugin has it all to make your life easier and your website more user-friendly, clean and spam-free.


Our collection covers tools that can be split into two standard ways of improving form with a validation. You can use pre-made jQuery plugins with extra features yet with a scarce amount of customization options. Otherwise, you can always follow tutorials and articles in order to create your own instrument for checking fields that will ideally collaborate with your project and blend into the design aesthetics.

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