20+ Useful jQuery Google Maps Tutorials and Plugins


jQuery Google maps has become extremely popular among the internet users primarily for its easy-to-use techniques those are needed to locate a particular position on the world map. Let us discuss some of the tutorials, resources as well as plugins of jQuery Google maps. There are plugins available which are used to include the longitude, latitude as well as text (for the name of a particular place) on the Google maps. In order to do that the user needs to reserve or book an API key available online.

If any user wants to add Google maps to his website, jQuery plugin are used. However, these plugins can be used to make the webpage free from any unnecessary feature in order to make the page look sleek and tidy. There are certain 2 KB plugins which will assist you to attach Google maps to the website. These are extremely flexible plugins and can be designed according to the specific need of any particular customer. These plugins use small linear codes and hence they are extremely handy when it comes to adding in the webpages.

You just need to click on these markers the user will get options of tiny maps displayed on the screen. There are certain tutorials which will teach the user how to add Google maps to the websites easily and quickly. However, latest technology offers the users to create Google maps without using the API keys. These tutorials assist to include Google maps in the mobile applications.

There are jQuery Google maps tutorials which help the users to learn how to embed the reviews as well as various types of articles those contain wide range of information.  Hence, these tutorials are a nice way to learn how to include Google map to the websites as per the user’s choice. Certain jQuery Google maps tutorials teach visualization. This gives the developers to the chance to create effective, outline algorithms as well as abstractions needed for graphic organization as well as handling of screens.

Certain tutorials teach jQuery Google maps plugin in order to display various media. These are particularly required to display the name and description of a particular product in a linear form. Certain jQuery Google maps resources are need elaborate a particular picture or in other words zoom into a particular image. These are needed to zoom in a section of the map for better viewing.

jQuery Google Maps Tutorials and Plugins

$.goMap – google maps jQuery plugin

qmap3 – A jQuery plugin to use google maps version 3

Google maps v3 plugin for jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile Plugin for Google Maps: Route Finder App

jQuery and Google Maps Tutorial: #1 Basics

jQuery and Google Maps #2: AJAX Storing and Retrieving Points

What is jQuery GPS

jQuery plugin for creating Google Maps from semantic markup

Turn static Google Maps in to dynamic ones

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  1. San Diego Plumbing Dec 28, 10:27 pm

    Hmm, these look like a great alternative to embedding Google Maps directly from the site. Lately, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with Google and my sites keep hanging whenever I use anything by them. Very annoying.

  2. gtraxx Jan 3, 1:47 pm

    in the list is missing gmap3

  3. Peter Schmalfeldt May 7, 9:07 am

    There is also http://jqvmap.com that uses resizable SVG with fallback VML for older browsers like IE 6. I like this one since you can customize the colors and sizes pretty easily. Super configurable.

  4. Renjith Dec 4, 11:22 pm

    Thanks ! Nice post. Very useful..

    I recently wrote an example application using Google Places API which I have put together as a step by step tutorial in my blog , thought of sharing to all.This is a sample mobile web app for trip planning using google places API to retrieve the points of interest around a tour destination. I wrote this using JQuery mobile , Google Places , Panoramio and Wiki.



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