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Free Responsive jQuery Image Sliders and Galleries

Slider Gallery with jQuery

An inventive gallery is at your service. The plugin combines several functional components: the gallery and the slider. The work of this component can be easily divided into 3 main functions. The first one lets you choose between galleries/albums, the second one demonstrates an array of images via basic image slider and the third one displays each item separately through the lightbox.  Besides, the component is bolstered by a detailed tutorial that reveals the essence of the issue. So you will be able to learn how to

  • use fundamental jQuery UI library as well as standard jQuery Easing Plugin;
  • create a proper navigation and slider controls;
  • beautify the appearance of the component via CSS3.

And that’s not all; the team hugely delves into Javascript issue, trying to give a thorough and easy-to-understand explanation for every functional part as well as provide its readers with a list of available parameters that you can identify in order to make your gallery look unique.

Thumbnails Preview Slider with jQuery

The idea is to make use of an array of simple thumbnails. The team presents several combinations of different thumbnail sizes and accompanying effects. The component has a simple set of bullets to each of which is attached its own tiny picture. The latter becomes visible when the mouse cursor hovers over the pointer. This approach is widely used in sliders that pursue the goal of making the navigation look more comprehensive and slider more informative.

As usual, the codrops team didn’t leave their users without a proper guide that should walk them through basic steps of creating such element. It, as befits, covers the html markup, the CSS styling, and of course, jQuery filling. The last two have been given a particular attention, since they create a main aesthetics.

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Sweet Thumbnails Preview Gallery

This is a logical extension to the previous component. Here, the team showcases how the thumbnail preview slider will contribute to the simple gallery plugin. The advantages of using this component are quite clear, thus it will

  • enormously enhance visual experience;
  • reinforce an  informative side of the gallery;
  • make the dot-style navigation less boring;
  • add an elegant touch to your design.

And if you want to amend the component or become more acquainted with it you can simply read a special tutorial that not only explains how to create such a masterpiece and integrate the previous element into your project but also how to properly control it.

Parallax Slider with jQuery

Do you want to specialize in parallax-based web components that are truly popular nowadays? Then this tutorial was made specifically for you. Although it concerns only a small narrow slider that displays images with a help of horizontal scrolling effect and as a result, recreates a nice perspective, but it uncovers basic techniques that will help you create something really sophisticated. And if you aren’t interested in mining this topic, you just can grab the content and enrich your website with fantastic tool for image presentation.

Portfolio Zoom Slider with jQuery

The creatives will certainly love this jquery plugin, since it is aimed to showily demonstrate artworks and add to portfolio a modern touch. The goal is to provide users with more details concerning images, giving them a chance to zoom in the tiny picture and closely exploring it. After clicking on a thumbnail it is displayed on a full view. The plugin also suggests attaching more than one image to the item.  So, it is an excellent option for those who are conservative about free space. Besides, being provided in tandem with an extensive tutorial, it is not only a perfect complement to your website but also a representative example that teach you how to combine and make the most of the existing plugins such as Cloud Zoom and Fancybox.

Rotating Image Slider with jQuery

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If you want to make the header section look memorable and unique then you should definitely incorporate this plugin. Its unusual appearance will instantly draw attention to your artworks and demonstrate it with some eye-catching effects.

The advantages of using it are quite obvious:

  • It will look appropriate both on symmetrical and asymmetrical designs;
  • It will add a nice stylish geometry vibe;
  • It will easily grab readers’ attention with its original appearance;
  • It has a rare mousewheel functionality;
  • It can be automatically played.

Coming with a helpful tutorial, the rotating image slider powered by jQuery will not only enhance your project but also teach you some new tricks. To be more precise, you will understand how CSS allows creating such original shapes and learn how to achieve a desired effect using pre-made plugins.

Responsive Image Gallery with Thumbnail Carousel

The magic word “responsive” that simply plunges web developers into delight is stated on the nameplate. It means that you don’t have to worry about mobile and tablet friendliness. The plugin does all the work. What is more, the plugin is “two in one” since it combines functionality of a gallery and a carousel, where the first one is used for displaying images, and the second one is for providing a more handy navigation. So that, your portfolio will certainly reap benefits thanks to component’s:

  • clean and nifty appearance;
  • responsive behavior;
  • informative thumbnail carousel ;
  • extra keyboard navigation;
  • “wiping”-style navigation for iPad and iPhones.

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