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Free Responsive jQuery Image Sliders and Galleries

How to Create a Simple iTunes-like Slider

The slider focuses not only on images but also on a regular content, presenting everything in a visually pleasing manner with iTunes-like appeal. It is provided with an optional vertical image carousel on the right for displaying upcoming items. Initially, the slider works as a slideshow in an autoplay mode; however, you can easily change this simply by setting your own parameters. Moreover, the developer has tried to minimize the slider, so it will take as less space as possible, of course, thanks to a traditional combination of HTML, CSS and Jquery.

In addition, the author provide a helpful tutorial that will thoroughly explain how to create such masterpiece, paying particular attention to event handlers, styling, pseudo elements and much more.

Flickr Photobar Gallery

Mastering the skills of using Flickr API has never been easier with a help of this tutorial and free photobar gallery. The plugin lets you add images from your Flickr photostream.  It pulls images on its own and creates an elegant bar on the bottom that consists of thumbnails, letting your users to take a closer look at pictures after clicking on one of them. The advantages are obvious:

  • it is easy to use;
  • it is easy to integrate into your website;
  • it is easy to control and customize;
  • it looks sleek and nifty;
  • it doesn’t take up much space.

So it is a perfect solution for photographers and Flickr lovers who constantly update their profiles in online galleries and want to immediately synchronize all the changes with theirs websites.



The nameplate is obviously derived from the “flexible”, so it means that the team has created not only an excellent and beautiful toolkit for showcasing your content, but also is managed to incorporate a responsive behavior that will solve lots of problems concerning correct display on various mobiles and tablets. Besides, being created by WooThemes, that is famous for its feature-rich cms themes, it’s no wonder that the plugin has a wordpress-based “congener”.  So if you seek a slider with:

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  • cross-browser compatibility;
  • smooth transitions and elegant fade animations;
  • touch swipe support;
  • custom navigation options;
  • simple semantics;
  • easy customization.

Then you should definitely take a look at it.


responsive slider

Much like Unslider, the Glide.js bets on subtle line-style graphics and minimal decorations that make it an ideal companion for online galleries and portfolio websites, which focus online audience on images rather than on content or graphics. It deliberately takes up the whole browser screen, so your artworks won’t go unnoticed. It always looks good regardless of the device on which it is displayed thanks to inherent responsive behavior. And to all the above, the fully commented files are really easy to modify in order to give the slider a unique look.

Slit Slider


Slit Slider is able to quickly engage your readers with its small yet highly eye-catching and memorable twist that cuts the image into two halves and moves them away, revealing the next item.  The slider with an option of slideshow is regularly modified and updated according to current web requirements, so you will always stay ahead. The key features that are always interested website owners such as flexibility, cross-browser compatibility and easy configuration are also included.

Full Width Image Slider

Full Width Image Slider

The user-friendly image slider from Tympanus won’t bloat your header section with unnecessary clutter; it will just intensify your images. Smart, plain yet eye-catching, it will add simplicity to your project, and at the same time, heighten a sense of refinement. So, how can this jquery-driven slider please a regular website owner? Of course with its features that allows affecting images on such way as:

  • stretch them on a full screen width;
  • graciously scale them down to popular device screens;
  • spice them up with magnificent CSS3 transitions.

Simple Multi-Item Slider

Simple Multi-Item Slider

“Multi-item” is a key word here. It enables you to effectively leverage the slider in various e-stores that are full of products that need to be showcased in a range. It vividly reminds a carousel-style presentation. Having a minimal design that is skillfully combined with powerful CSS3 animations and jQuery essentials, it has a quite primitive, unremarkable appearance; however it’s quite a thing for overloaded websites that try to foist goods, leaning more toward visual impact.

StackSlider: 3D Image Slider

StackSlider: 3D Image Slider

The slider is tailored to fun. Coming with a lovely 3d feeling and some catchy twists, it will definitely become a highlight of your project, which in addition is aimed to place your multimedia content on a prominent place. The whole magiс of 3d flipping through the images happens thanks to CSS3 and jQuery. Moreover, even despite of being quite experimental and pursuing an entirely different goal, the team has made it fully responsive, making it suitable for modern websites.

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