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18 jQuery Mobile Development Tips and Tutorials


jQuery mobile  gives you an integrated user interface for many platforms like windows mobile, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. You can search for the latest jQuery mobile growth from the different sites that provide it. A little help from the word press community will let you get your desired result.

This jQuery mobile article will give focus on the different features of mobile framework and make a mobile webpage with jQuery. This framework is useful to set up links, pages, buttons and navigations with jQuery. The tutorials discuss the basic steps of how to develop different types of templates with jQuery mobile. The basic steps can be learnt like internal linking, saving index.php, using themes in jQuery mobile. Also you can learn the new mobile framework with which you can create some interesting cross-device apps easily. It shares some of the best examples of codes and demonstration of different procedures like ajax navigation, transition of pages, pages within pages, proper page structure of jQuery mobile, margins, buttons, formatting of content, viewing the list etc. The tips include certain mobile specific works that can be used for detecting actions carried out on mobile devices.

Building RSS reader and simple tuts is something to learn using jQuery mobile and PHP. You will be able to handle normal project records for your phone just with the click of a button. You can also build web apps. Some tutorials teach you to create CRUD application with jQuery mobile. You can read, delete and update blogs from your smart phone devices. Another tutorial will let you learn writing B2C application. The fundamental elements of jQuery mobile will be given importance with structure of page, submission of ajax form. Good tutorials also teach you to make simple websites on mobile using the framework with vibrant page loading. It has the much needed steps that have framework files for header, data feature for HTML and the process of adding content for publishing it online. The developer has given the download link for zip folder.

There are different steps given for fast learning and also for uploading an efficient word press theme. Some tutorials give you a whole lot of handy tips, code snippets which help developers when they are making a new project.

jQuery Mobile Development Tips and Tutorials

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How to create a mobile WordPress theme with jQuery Mobile

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