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Maybe you’ve seen some businesses with beautifully designed websites that also have a content slider which displays their available products and services; and since then you’ve been asking yourself how it’s done? If you still haven’t found out, then lend me an ear, because here’s the answer. It’s done with jQuery.

From year to year, the possibilities of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery are increasing. Nowadays scripts based on a cooperation of these 3 giants are more preferred than others. And this is quite predictable; there are all sorts of reasons. First of all, the majority of modern browsers support new possibilities of CSS3. Secondly, every such unit has a visually-appealing fallback for outdated browsers. Thirdly, the better part of modern sliders is built on responsive layouts. Finally, as a rule, such scripts do not slow down your project.

When it comes to possibilities of jQuery sliders, they also play a significant role, the more so the list of features varies from developer to developer. Sometimes even free scripts can offer a great bunch of options that not only provide instruments for unique customization but also let you manage your data more effectively, allowing using HTML content as well as getting content from YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr and so on.

So do not rush to buy a script, maybe you can find a free component that will fully comply with your requirements and save your money, or try to create a component from a scratch by yourself using one of the tutorials presented below.

Free jQuery Content Slider Tutorials

Responsive Image Slider

jQuery Content Slider

If you are a lucky owner of Impressionist UI, then you should definitely appreciate this tutorial. And even if you don’t possess this high-end set of basic elements that is created for building various interfaces brick-by-brick, you will definitely find this article useful.

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It is targeted at the online audience that is perfectly aware of HTML, CSS and jQuery basics and wants to delve into it a bit deeper. The tutorial explains how to convert a simple slider PSD template into a fully working unit that will vividly demonstrate your images as well as provide users with a handy navigation.

Rotating Image Slider with jQuery

jQuery Content Tutorial

Want to know how to get the most out of various professional jQuery plugins? Then set your eye on this detailed tutorial that not only clarifies the technique of making use of such essential add-ons as jQuery 2D Transformation Plugin and jQuery Mousewheel Plugin, but also demonstrates how a regular image slider can benefit from its utilization. You will familiarize yourself with:

  • a standard markup;
  • css styles for creating masks and corner elements;
  • javascript code for animating rotation and much more.

Parallax Slider with jQuery

Parallax-based components are still in the mainstream, so acquiring specific knowledge concerning its proper creation is a must-have, the more so it can be useful not only for building up standalone components but also render substantial assistance in prototyping websites.

The tutorial makes plain principles of leveraging parallax effect that adds a lovely perspective to the slider.

Compact News Previewer with jQuery

Owners of news portals and online magazines, behold! This is a type of tutorial that you definitely can’t miss. The article throws light upon general rules of building a well-structured compactly-arranged widget for displaying latest news in a non-intrusive manner. The widget is wisely split into 2 functional parts. The first one covers list of articles whereas the second part is assigned for visual demonstration that involves an image and brief description.

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Such a solid and the properly-arranged unit will certainly come in handy in your information-overloaded projects.

Awkward Showcase – A jQuery Plugin

Want to get more than just a simple content slider? Then this light-weight yet powerful jQuery plugin was designed specifically for you. With a help of this component you will be able to:

  • add tooltips to images in the slider;
  • assign captions and HTML content;
  • enable thumbnails and use them as an optional navigation;
  • activate dynamic height for better visual presentation and much more.

WOW Slider

This is a small high-end slider script based on a responsive layout that ships with some fantastic effects including basic ones (slices, fade, rotate, blur) and some advanced ones (domino, collage, photo). And if you are a non-tech savvy person who is looking for such basic features as:

  • beautiful pre-made skins;
  • ability to gracefully degrade in old browsers;
  • support for touch swipe;
  • friendliness with popular search engines;
  • browser compatibility.

Then this jQuery plugin should be in your toolkit.

Making a Mosaic Slideshow With jQuery & CSS

The developer is guided by the notion that the presentation of your images should be visually-pleasing and attention-grabbing. And in order to achieve a long-lasting favorable impression you have to create a slideshow that will differ from others at least by unique effects; like this component that has a mosaic-style transition. The tutorial demonstrates how to quickly and efficiently build up a standard slideshow with such effect.

How to Make Auto-Advancing Slideshows

Want to know how to quickly add an auto-advance effect in your slideshow with a help of only few lines of code? Then focus your attention on this small but informative article that not only describes some interesting hints and tricks but also lets you download a regular slideshow script, which you can work into your project straight away.

As usual, the developer strongly relies on a winning combination of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery that do all the magic.

Coding a Rotating Image Slideshow w/ CSS3 and jQuery

Let’s take advantage of such integral and ready-to-use jQuery library as the rotate plugin. The component helps not only add extra flair to slideshows but also gives websites a bit of interactivity as well as prettifies product pages and other web-based projects.

Of course, we are going to start with creation of a regular rotating image slideshow, the principles of which can be easily used in accomplishing other similar tasks. So take a look at this short yet detailed article.

Create Beautiful jQuery slider tutorial

Though the tutorial is a short overview of a standard method of building up a simple image slider that allows adding image descriptions and captions and provides users with a basic numeric navigation, yet it includes a free versatile jQuery slider that will co-work with your projects perfectly well. Moreover, the tutorial makes clear several fundamental principles that also come in handy.

Piecemaker XML Gallery

This robust jQuery-based XML gallery allows you to enhance your project with a pleasant image slideshow that is open for different experimentations. Thus you are free to use it in any project you like, make various modifications and even improve it if it’s necessary. Being inspired by leading-edge CU3ER Image Slider by Stefan Kovac, the script also boasts of such features as:

  • 3d transition effects;
  • captions and links;
  • setting autoplay.


Planning to populate your header with some well-crafted widgets that will seize the whole users’ attention? Then have a go with this eye-catching sleek content slider that will solve all your problems and naturally blend into your project. The more so, it comes with such features as:

  • swipe support;
  • responsiveness;
  • dynamic slideshows;
  • CSS3 transitions;
  • quick and easy setup;
  • nice callbacks.

Slider Gallery with jQuery

Do you have an urge for adding a classic touch to your project? Then do not hesitate and employ this simple slider gallery that has a traditional appearance and conventional flash-like appeal. Its aim is to demonstrate images via set of small thumbnails that you are able to move with a help of a sliding bar. Based on a lightweight jQuery Easing plugin, basic HTML markup and CSS3 styles it certainly won’t overload your project.


Internet offers us a freedom of choice when it comes to picking up a jQuery content slider for our project. There are a great bunch of free and premium scripts that as a matter of fact do the same job: demonstrate images/artworks, so it seems that the plugins tend to be similar, but there are always differences hidden in the list of features that influence our decision.

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