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35+ Excellent jQuery Animation Techniques and Tutorials


Making a Custom Facebook Wall with jQuery Templates

The solution is realized on the basis of Facebook’s Graph API that lets display the latest posts from the feed of your page or profile. The template plugin defines HTML structure and allows you to avoid all the mess with returned data. jQuery, as expected, ties everything together.

Better Check Boxes with jQuery and CSS

It demonstrates how to transform standard rectangular checkboxes to visually-appealing components with glossy buttons that have a nice skeuomorphic feeling. The author skillfully teams up jQuery and CSS in order to achieve this result.

Client Testimonials Powered by PHP, XML and jQuery

It is an advanced tutorial that demands core competencies in PHP and XML. Relying on the fact that the content will not be constantly changing, the author offers a simple solution that displays a series of client testimonials in a neat and elegant box with distinctive quotes.

How to Create a jQuery Confirm Dialog Replacement

The author suggests an interesting yet simple method for prettifying and adding extra functionality to browser’s controls. The final jQuery plugin will make dialog windows look well-arranged, elegant and consistent through various platforms.

Online HTML Email Template Builder

With Postcards you can create and edit email templates online without any coding skills! Includes more than 100 components to help you create custom emails templates faster than ever before. Try now for free!

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Making an Apple-style Splash Screen

Splash screens are quite trendy nowadays, plenty of top-notch websites begin its acquaintance with online audience with such a dynamic page. Martin Angelov clarifies how to create one from the outset using jQuery for all the dirty stuff.

Creating a Stylish Coming Soon Page with jQuery

It will be a valuable tutorial for those of you who intend to start their business online, yet is still stuck in preparations. Unlike the majority of such pages, this one is built with the help of PHP, MySQL, and jQuery. The developer aims to provide you with a viable solution that can become a great starting point. It is also equipped with a Nivo Slider Plugin for an effective image presentation.

Making a jQuery Countdown Timer

This script can become a ‘masterstroke’ for the previous solution that will finish it off. It is a carefully crafted countdown with a basic structure and plain design. As befits, jQuery is responsible for the whole magic, and CSS and HTML are merely used for a styling and creating a semantic markup.

How to Block Adblock

The approach is intended to save your online visitors from being bombarded by banners and pop-up ads that sometimes can be annoying. The post includes lots of interesting: the author speculates about ad blocks, tells how to detect them and how to use them properly. Moreover, at the end, you will be able to grab a ready-to-use plugin.

Google Powered Site Search with jQuery

The solution helps to take searching to the next level through your website making it more friendly and effective. You are going to add a time-proven and powerful engine provided by Google that leaves no stone unturned. The author demonstrates how to take the advantage of Google’s AJAX Search API and enhance it with CSS and jQuery.

Quick Feedback Form w/ PHP and jQuery

It will send suggestions directly to your mailbox. While PHPMailer Class lies at the heart of this solution, jQuery puts pieces together, and CSS provides users with a visually appealing UI.

Build An Incredible Login Form With jQuery

Although the article is dated 2008, yet the method that was offered by Conor Zwick falls into a category of timeless and viable no matter what. It can become an excellent foundation for building more sophisticated components. Besides, the author quite thoroughly explains all the key points, effectively clarifying the idea.


Though some solutions are old-fashioned, yet all of them demonstrate basic usage of HTML, CSS, jQuery and sometimes even PHP. They are able to give you a perfect notion of how to correctly build integral parts of any web UI. If you are not satisfied with the design implementation, you can always revamp it according to modern trends or add some twists through dynamic features that are also available in CSS3.

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