30 jQuery UI Framework Plugins


jQuery, is it a popular buzzword or an effective JavaScript, what to say and how to define it? Yes, they both add values to the word jQuery. It is a popular JavaScript and a rocking word in the web industry nowadays. jQuery is being used by 40% of the websites nowadays. And, its demand is getting more and more because of its updated and feature content plugins. The functional boundaries are constantly getting pushed forward by the jQuery plugins because of the actual release of new plugins every now and then.

The web designer face the biggest challenge in their life about how to satisfy the customers with their websites and do you say it is not that much tough to make it possible? You can’t because you might have experienced the same. This popular JavaScript library is in the list of most commonly used script libraries that too by most popular websites.

It is needless to say that jQuery plugins increases performance and attractiveness of a blog. So since beginning we have been contributing informative articles about jQuery. We have previously published jQuery scrolling plugins, jQuery plugins for Responsive websites, jQuey plugins and coding techniques and many more. If you are a newbie you may find this guide to jQuery very helpful. In order to help you to find some of the freshest jQuery plugins, we have rounded up a list of 30 amazing jQuery plugins.


This JavaScript library will make your web content look like a real time book. It has developed for HTML 5 applications. And, you can expect this to go well with other gadgets like tablets and even Smartphones. It’s a very less space occupying plugin, say something around 15 kilobytes.

dd Slick

It is one another small size JavaScript plugin which will let the users to create a dropdown box in their web pages and the thing is it not only allows the texts as dropdown lists, but also it lets you include images too.


You want to depict some graphs in your web pages? Here you go with this JavaScript plugin. Sparklines will let you create small inline charts. The input data for the charts should be provided through JavaScript or using inline in the HTML.


As the name suggests, this query will provide you a way for creating a simple slideshow. The slideshow will contain all features like a normal one say the auto play, slide transition effects, fade etc.


This jQuery plugin deals with creating animation characters and background animations using java script and HTML. It is one another light weight and simple jQuery. Make your website more animated and lively with the help of this plugin.

Hover intent

It’s a plugin where the main goal is to work based on the web user’s intent. It is similar to that of the function of jQuery’s built-in-hover functionality, but expresses some difference in terms of mouse movement.


A plugin used for editing the contents. This functionality requires very few lines of JavaScript code.


If you want to support not only images, but also videos, flash and other image formats, then this plugin will be more useful for you. Almost all of the web browsers will accept this plugin and the setup is too simple.

Star Rating plugin

As the name suggests, this plugin is for providing ways to create a rating functionality in your website. You can simply turn out your radio boxes into star ratings with very simple code.


It’s a plugin for developing full customized and useful drag-drop calendar. You can easily customize this calendar as per your needs and requirements. You can use your own feed format for the data for calendar.


You could have seen table of contents in book front page. And, this became more common nowadays in websites too. And, the same can be achieved using this jQuery plugin. It makes user to navigate to the particular content topic or page that they wish to access.


Create warnings, ideas, errors, alert messages etc. using this plugin. It will be useful for almost all of the website owners because displaying error or warning messages is more needed now for user’s support and convenience.

Color picker

The color picker which you will generally see available in photoshop or any photo editors can be added to you website using this jQuery plugin.


A tooltip plugin, more user friendly and at the same time more feature rich will have lots and lots of useful features. You will get tips in speech bubble format, rounded corner edges format etc.


This plugin will let you insert grids in your webpages or in a particular place in your website. It is possible to toggle between front and back of the webpage.

Kendo UI

Its programming interface, MVVM framework, Data Source, internationalization and many other features makes it the most desirable jQuery plugins for web developers.


You can create shadow and drop shadows for images using this jQuery plugin. Such kind of shadow appearing images will generally look appealing and attractive.


jQuery’s success and popularity is all because of the web development community globally and everyone deserves the full credit for it. It continues to grow more and it is more thriving. Just get informed about all jQueries and be a successful web developer!


  1. Earl Varona Feb 24, 10:12 am

    Wow, perfect timing. I’m about to start implementing my UI project this week and I can use some of these plugins to help speed up the process. Thanks for the great selections. :)

  2. Greg Franko Feb 25, 11:22 am

    Thanks for sharing my TOC plugin, tocify. You should also check out my other plugin, SelectBoxIt =) http://selectboxit.com

  3. Bruno Bernardino Feb 25, 12:00 pm

    As for Captcha, there are better plugins than Ajax Fancy captcha in terms of security, customization, and accessibility.

    One example is visualCatpcha ( http://visualcaptcha.net ).

    Yes, I am its developer, but you’ll see it is the best visual captcha out there, right now.

  4. David Eglin Feb 25, 2:05 pm

    Whilst the roundup in-and-of itself isn’t a bad one, I have to say that I am a little dissapointed in the quality of writing. I understand that English probably isn’t Debarshi’s first language, and I’m fine with that, but Designmodo should have someone in place to proof these articles.

    I’m all for getting the most knowledgeable people to write pieces for this kind of website, and then having the language polished afterwards, but you need to actually polish it – The grammatical and syntactical errors are distracting.

    Like I said, as a roundup, its not a bad piece, though. There are some interesting jQUI projects in there that I will take a look at. I do have one small issue with the content, though:

    “It is needless to say that jQuery plugins increases performance and attractiveness of a blog.”

    … They don’t in many cases. I’m sorry but they just dont. You have to be careful about how you use them. Many of these are of limited utility for most cases, and overloading a page with javascript mostly makes it slower and heavier to download, without improving the user experience at all.

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