Speed up Your WordPress Site with Kinsta Hosting

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Are you sick and tired of a WordPress website that just seems to drag? The problem could be living in your hosting account.

Kinsta is an optimized WordPress hosting platform that’s powered exclusively by Google Cloud Platform and Google’s premium tier global network to help push fast loading times. Plus, independent testing from Review Signal showed that Kinsta is among the best-performing hosts for WordPress websites.

Here, we’re going to take a look at the platform so you can see if it is right for your WordPress websites.

What is Kinsta?

Speed up Your WordPress Site with Kinsta Hosting

Kinsta is a premium WordPress hosting platform.

But it’s more than just hosting. Kinsta is packed with tools to track bandwidth, create SSL certificates, and view analytics in one place. It’s super fast and secure, so you won’t have to worry about website vulnerabilities.

Kinsta is a managed hosting platform so servers are optimized for WordPress setups. Because it’s backed by Google Cloud Platform, it’s lightning fast. (And Google actually recommends Kinsta for WordPress hosting.)

To ensure that your page speeds are as fast as possible, you can pick from one of 20 data center locations to optimize your setup. Proximity to website visitors can help increase page speed.

This premium service also comes with support. You’ll probably have questions about all the functionality that comes with this hosting platform, and there’s a robust knowledgebase to get started plus 365x24x7 global support.

Kinsta Hosting Tools

Plans are designed for all levels, from single WordPress website installations to enterprise level plans for 150 or more websites. Every plan includes free SSL, free CDN, daily auto backups and staging environment.

Key Features

What’s really nice about Kinsta is it offers so much more than traditional hosting. The dashboard is super sleek, and the tools are made to make your life easier.

  • Key features include:
  • 20 global data centers for lightning-fast speed
  • Custom MyKinsta dashboard
  • Free website migrations handled by an expert migration team
  • Free SSL, CDN, one-click staging, and SSH access and premium DNS is included in all plans
  • Multi-user feature which makes this a highly viable option for web design and web development agencies
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Hosting runs modern technologies for WordPress, including PHP 7+, Nginx, HTTP/2, and MariaDB
  • Full page caching at the server level
  • Availability to add custom server-level optimizations
  • Fee hack fixes if your site is compromised
  • Private server resources that aren’t shared with anyone else or between your own sites

MyKinsta Dashboard

One of the best things about Kinsta is the dashboard. One of my biggest complaints about hosting is that it can be a little difficult to manage.

The dashboard is super sleek and prompts, buttons, and easy to see configuration settings make this easy enough for a beginner. Plus, there’s 24/7 support provided by WordPress experts if you need it.

You can see all of your sites in one place, as well as how much bandwidth you are using, and site visits. There’s a place for invoices and site analytics. Tab through other sections for the migration tool, analytics information, DNS information, and everything you need to know to stay on top of your WordPress site.

The highly visual tool takes all the guesswork out of hosting because you can see everything right on the screen in one place.


Kinsta Hosting Plans

Kinsta offers several hosting plan options based on the number of websites you manage.

  • Starter: For $30 per month, you get one WordPress installation with up to 20,000 visits and 5GB of disk space
  • Pro: For $60 per month, you get two WordPress installations with up to 40,000 visits and 10GB of disk space
  • Business 1: For $100 per month, you get five WordPress installations with up to 100,000 visits and 15GB of disk space
  • More plans: Kinsta offers plans for up to 150 installations (view top-tier plans here)

Plus, every plan comes with free SSL and CDN as well as daily automatic backups. (Other hosting firms charge extra for these things.) Plans also include free migrations by the Kinsta team and staging environments for upcoming builds.

Want a little more incentive? Pay in advance and get free 2 months of service.


There’s a reason that companies such as Buffer, Drift, MariaDB, TripAdvisor, and Intuit use Kinsta. It’s a pretty amazing hosting solution and powerful website tool. If you are on WordPress, you need to look into Kinsta.

Try it out. Kinsta offers a 30-day money back guarantee, but with all these features we expect you’ll love it for your WordPress sites. Sign up for Kinsta today!

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