New Examples of Large Typography in Web Design


Web designing is not a simple thing. You have to be at your creative best to get all the elements aligned in right order. After all, what we see is what we believe. Content is, no doubt, an integral part of any website; but in order to make your user go through that content, you first need to present all the most visible elements in an eye catching manner. And, these other elements are nothing but menu bar, typography etc.

If you have noticed, most web designers are using large typography in sites nowadays. Have you ever wondered – ‘why?’ Well, the reason why big typography is in trend is that it looks attractive and draws attention of the visitors to the vital points of any website when used. Big typography, most often than not, gives an amazing feel to your website. But, over-the-top use of this typography can prove little risky for your website’s traffic.

So, you need to be quite selective in order to add value to your website with large typography. If your selection is not proper, your website’s layout may look awful. But, you can avoid this situation by first exploring the top websites which have made an excellent use of the big typography. The more you study, the better your understanding of font type, color and size will be. So are you ready to be inspired? If yes, then take a look at, at least, examples of large typography in web design.

You can check these websites to see how fantastically the web designers have blended big typography with the layout, creating a perfect balanced look. Being a web designer, you can very well understand that selection is the key. So if you want to make your website outstanding and different from your competitors, make sure to go through as many examples of large typography as possible. Research will help you choose the most suitable one for the theme of your website.

Examples of Large Typography in Web Design

Forefathers Group

Marie Catribs

Stephen Caver


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