Free Advanced Photoshop Tutorials

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Photoshop is a fantastic soft for web designers who continually seek new ways of manifesting their design ideas. Photoshop allows them the space and tools to create or at least work in a creative way. Here are 20 free Photoshop tutorials. Checking them out may encourage someone to become an expert in this domain.

Common practice always has advantages over theory, which seems to have all the answers, and which, as a rule, fails facing obstacles caused by real tasks. Therefore if you have a desire to master your skills, broaden and enrich your experience as well as increase your potential you should refer to exercises.

When it comes to getting the hang of the most advanced image editor (aka Adobe Photoshop that comes with numerous features, lots of tools, a great deal of third-party plugins and auxiliary resources such as textures, patterns, brushes, custom shapes, actions… and I’m not even talking about pre-made templates, mockups, icons, grids that can be also used in a designing routine) you definitely need some detailed explanations that will be presented in a clear and comprehensible manner.

In this case, tutorials and descriptive videos, which walk regular users through the process of creation something incredible such as text effects, photo renderings, web and mobile app interfaces and much more by vividly showing step-by-step guides supplied with hints, tricks and demonstrative images, are what you exactly need. Moreover, in a sea of educational material you will be able to find a tutorial that is within your depth, so you will feel absolutely comfortable by following instructions. In our collection of Photoshop tutorials you will definitely find the one that will be well-suited for you.

However, the Advanced Photoshop is fairly hard to master completely in a short time, although it is worthy of the effort. One’s skills and capabilities as a designer increase in value and amount. Also, it brings a lot of satisfaction. Therefore, why not start learning some new, advanced Photoshop features? There are a lot of Photoshop tutorials that can make it easier for someone to concentrate on the main aspects regarding techniques and useful details about them.

Also, the tutorials cover various techniques and tool use so that if someone has a serious thought in mind concerning Advanced Photoshop mastering, these tutorials will be of great help. So no more waiting; start right now! Good luck!

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New Photoshop Tutorials

Create an Instagram Widget

Free Photoshop Tutorials

Calling all Instagram fans with artistic potential and with basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. Can you spend at least a half an hour of your precious time in order to see by yourself how simple manipulations with regular shapes and layer styles option panel allow building the lush pixel-perfect Instagram widget?

If you are interested, then delve into this tutorial: 20 simple steps embrace work with layer styles as well as open up hidden possibilities of shadows, gradients, patterns and bevel and emboss. As a result, you will get a well-crafted mockup in a short period of time by using only several basic instruments.

How to Create a UI Sliders Set in Photoshop

See how you can create an elementary UI kit that includes various vibrant sliders with a nice glossy touch and realistic edge. 27 descriptive steps with detailed instructions and helpful images are aimed to guide you through the process. The workflow is based on utilization of:

  • grid and guides;
  • basic shapes;
  • layer styles;
  • direct selection tool.

The tutorial requires basic skills of using Adobe Photoshop, and at least, one hour of your spare time, nonetheless this is a perfect deal even for a designer with intermediate level of skills.

How to Create Code Editor Design

Code Editor Design

This highly informative tutorial lets you build a standard design of code editor with a businesslike feeling. Under the strict guidance you will be designing such elements as:

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  • search field;
  • sidebar with settings and navigation;
  • window with a workspace;
  • and several extra aids (button for switching between languages, highlights, line numbering).

Using only some fundamental techniques that involve a work with shapes, layer style options and path selection tool you will be able to quickly and easily create this pixel-perfect mockup.

How to Create an iPad 2 From Scratch Using Photoshop

A lack of insight of how UI designs work in context has pushed artists to correctly frame their works. They utilize realistic device mockups such as notebooks, tablets and various mobile devices in order to present final results quite attractively. This solution is really beneficial in the era of responsiveness, since it displays changes that will happen with a layout across different devices.

Mohammad Jeprie is perfectly aware of this tendency and necessity, so he offers a truly helpful tutorial that demonstrates how to create an iPad 2 mockup from a scratch. You will be using vector-drawing techniques that are based on manual drawing, layer styles and smart objects.

Superimpose a Car onto Another Image in Photoshop

Let’s use Adobe Photoshop for the purpose for which it was originally created, namely the photo editing.

Tyler Denis lets you play around with 6 stock photos in order to create a one, sterling composition. The aim of this tutorial to vividly demonstrate how to:

  • combine and blend various objects;
  • match colors;
  • find complementary images;
  • smoothly trace and cut out objects;
  • correct reflections.

Design a Simple Textured Typographic Poster in Photoshop

The sharp typography in combination with well-crafted textured background and visually-appealing coloring give any design an eye-catching memorable appearance that easily conveys any message. Want to try such powerful combination in order to spice up your poster design, and at the same time, save your viewers from graphic overload, then lay eyes on this article.

Tomas Laurinavicius offers to leverage such instruments as:

  • blur gradient background;
  • textures and patterns;
  • layer styles.

in order to help you realize conceived.

HDR Photography With Photoshop CS5

High dynamic range photography is an inspiring way of presenting World around us. Such images always fascinate by its spectacular appearance charged with rich coloring and details. And with this article you are going to know how create such kind of artwork.

The artist will familiarize you with post-processing as well as talk about:

  • shooting and editing HDR photos;
  • how to shoot multiple exposures;
  • how to merge everything together;
  • HDR toning – faux HDR effect.

Character Design for the Boomrock Saints

Some might say that for creating character designs you have other powerful software called Adobe Illustrator; yet Photoshop also has something to offer. Its range of instruments enables to bring to life various ideas including drawing illustrations.

However, in this tutorial we are going to see how to use these 2 programs in collaboration. The tutorial shows how to:

  • go over a rough sketch;
  • transform it into a digital drawing;
  • add color, lighting and shading;
  • clean up everything.

The Preset Manager in Photoshop

Want to take first steps in using Photoshop and don’t know where to start, then you should resort to various manuals for beginners that are intended to familiarize novices with basic tools and elementary techniques.

Take a look at this helpful article created by Martin Perhiniak who clearly understands what newbies need in order to make their first steps. He offers a 25-part video series that effectively uncovers basic techniques. His first tutorial involves utilization of Preset Manager with a help of which you will be creating an astonishing photo manipulation.

Create a Surreal Upside Down Mountain Painting in Photoshop

Are you ready for some advanced techniques and sophisticated solutions? If yes, then let’s delve into this in-depth tutorial that demonstrates a process of digital painting. Unfortunately, Marco Casalvieri employs a graphic tablet that plays a huge role here, so that if you don’t have one, you won’t have a chance to repeat this step-by-step guide. However, you can learn lots of useful stuff, especially how to

  • apply brushes and gradients to a sketch;
  • colorize a drawing;
  • neaten the art.

How to Create Cityscape Concept Art

Creating a concept art with a magnificent urban vibe is no problem anymore. The designer shares with its blog’s readers an easy-to-repeat guide that even beginner can handle. You will find numerous useful advices and tips. The article regards such processes as:

  • working with basic 3D scene;
  • basic painting;
  • application of adjustments;
  • adding finishing touches with a help of Photoshop.

Create a Surreal Out of Bounds Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Creating mind-blowing surreal photo manipulations – is where you can get the most out of Photoshop. The program provides users with a powerful toolkit for realizing such kind of tasks, making production process highly efficient.

Loredana Papp has posted an informative tutorial that showcases how correctly mix and match various images in order to enrich and harmoniously finish the composition. You will be able to create this masterpiece using only

  • pen tool;
  • selection tool;
  • eye picker for extraction;
  • and clipping masks.

Apply a Tilt-Shift Effect to a Video Using Photoshop

Enjoy the whole power hidden in the depths of Photoshop by installing and leveraging third-party plugins created specifically to broaden your possibilities and enormously contribute to your workflow.

Nathan White has a passion for Adobe Photoshop, so his tutorials are real treasures for any designer. He demonstrates some unexpected solutions combined with fundamental techniques. This time he shows how to transform a simple footage into fantastic video with tilt-shift effect. Yep, you can use Photoshop for such purposes as well.

Mockup Blister Packaging in Photoshop

Diego Sanchez has tried to glory. He offers a truly helpful, highly informative and easy to follow tutorial that helps to understand how quickly achieve the greatest output of using such instruments as:

  • basic shapes;
  • smart objects;
  • layer styles;
  • selection tool and pen tool.

The tutorial is really easy to repeat thanks to highly descriptive images and practical hints.

Design a Surreal Retro Futurism Scene

The tutorial touches on classic method of converting a simple image into a juicy surreal attention-grabbing photo manipulation with retro-style appeal.

With his fancy artwork Tom Ross simply inspires Photoshop lovers to take a closer look at his guide and try to repeat it step by step. You will manipulate with several stock images, which, thanks to proper selection of basic instruments, will be converted into something incredible. Also, designer employs various brushes in order to prettify the final result.

Create A Human/Robot Hybrid In Photoshop

Much like the previous example, the tutorial features a matchless human photo manipulation. Let’s find out how to transform a plain photo of a blonde girl into a professionally-crafted artwork with elegant female robot.

The workflow includes such operations as:

  • tracing around the model;
  • working with selections;
  • using pen tool;
  • beautifying background;
  • utilizing hue/saturation mode.

Design a Professional Wildlife TV Show Poster

This is another article dedicated to photo editing. As usual, you will combine several stock photos in order to create a proper composition. You will make the most out of:

  • blending modes;
  • layer styles;
  • eyedropper tool;
  • grayscale mode;
  • and several other integral instruments.

These manipulations help to neaten edges and tie everything together. Moreover, to make the image look completed and harmonious you will use textures and watercolor brushes.

Design a Awesome Supernatural Dark Scene with Fiery Effect in Photoshop

As the artist claims out, this tutorial is created for those who is well acquainted with Adobe Photoshop and feel comfortable with using integral instruments. Though some steps can be tricky even for advanced audience, but if you spend a little more time in order to get to the bottom of this process you will definitely increase your skill level and gain new knowledge. The more so, the walkthrough comprises lots of handy hints, constructive advices and informative images.

Create a Grungy Style Text Effect Inspired by “Infamous 2″ Game in Photoshop

Finally, we have reached a step by step guide that shows how to vividly enliven plain letterings, to be more precise, we are going to learn how to convert a simple typography into a mind-blowing piece of art with a grunge vibe.

As you can see, the game “Infamous 2” left its unmistakable imprint as well as inspired artist to create such an amazing artwork. The author explains how to use brush, eraser tool and clipping mask and set proper level of opacity in order to achieve a desired result. The guide comprises a bunch of detailed images, hints and instructions that are quite easy to repeat and reproduce in other projects.

Design a Dark Surreal Urban Scene with Space Brush in Photoshop

Learn how a simple brush tool can enormously enrich your scene by adding fabulous effects and visually-appealing edges. The artist explains:

  • simple photo editing techniques;
  • tricks with lighting;
  • solution for image adjustment;
  • standard methods of using elementary tools in order to refine edges;
  • basic knowledge of masking.

Crumpled Paper Textured 3D Text Effect In Photoshop CS5

The tutorial is wisely split into 2 parts in order to dish up data in bite-sized portions, so that every novice can get the most out of this article; furthermore, even experienced Photoshop user can find something useful.

Creating 3d text can be really a piece of cake if you know how to properly leverage basic tools and fundamental techniques. The article covers:

  • texturing;
  • 3d scene;
  • bump maps;
  • rendering tools;
  • camera tools;
  • lighting.


I hope our list of Adobe Photoshop tutorials provide you with some starting points as well as bring a wealth of experience. These concise and detailed tutorials let you come away with some clarity concerning Adobe Photoshop instruments and methods.

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