Latest Great Photoshop Brushes from BrushLovers


Photoshop users can rejoice with some incredible goodies! As you know using Photoshop brushes can add an amazing creative flare and style to your designs. They not only save you a lot of time, but they also solve that inspiration problem we all have to cope with sometimes.

Our friends at keep releasing some outstanding brushes. In today’s post we’ve compiled an exquisite collection of some of their latest brushes.

All brushes are provided in high-resolution files and are perfect for both Web and print design. Most brushes are free but there are also some premium brushes that can be had for less than $1, a real bargain!

There are a lot of hidden gems at BrushLovers, so check out the collection below and head over to to see even more…

Photoshop Brushes

White Circles

Plastic Sculptures


Electric Pylon

Mineral Motion

Freedom Flight

Spring Flowers

Heart Razmatazz

Swirly Whirlies



Spring Backgrounds

Smoke Trails

Basic Arrows

Easter Eggs

Wall and All_Lite

Electric Flare

Astounding Aura


Two Squared

Wall and All

Three Leaf Clover


Leafy Spirals

Leaping Light

Fractal Web

Glittering Ripples

Liquid Ripple

Green Grass

Blank Stamps



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