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Leather brown 2

Leather Brown 2 by Jaqx-Textures is beautified by chaotically scattered multicolored spots. As you may have guessed, the fabric is quite old and worn. Numerous retro artworks will find this pretty useful. While the JPEG file is freely available in 1500px x1000px size, to get the original version with 3400px resolution, you need to mail the author.

Leather Texture 3

This is just one but a universal texture. It looks classy and polished and surprises with the gigantic size (5010px X 6286px) that is pretty rare in the world of freemium products. To make use of it, you need to credit the author with a backlink.

Leather Texture

Leather Texture by Leslie Elevad is an outstanding close-up photo of the crinkly leather that looks glossy and polished. Comes with a high resolution of 300 dpi it reflects the structure of the natural material quite well.

Leather 1

Leather 1 by BFStock gives you a sense of an exclusive piece of animal hide that was tanned and professionally treated with wax. It sparkles with layering aesthetics and realistic appearance. It is delivered in medium size (1920px X 1258px) and should be used under special terms provided by the author.

Leather sofa

Leather Sofa by Hector Garcia is a kind of stock that is quite difficult to put into action since it is not flat, smooth, or seamless. However, it is original and genuine. What’s more, it is a macro photo so that it is highly detailed and quality. It is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.


Leather texture as any other natural texture is pretty tricky in utilization. It has a great visual weight that grabs the biggest slice of the pie. So that it is quite difficult to strike the balance. While the free photos may win you over with high resolution, excellent quality, realistic view and in some cases rare exclusive samples like crocodile or snake skin; however, it should be used wisely and carefully to avoid negative outcomes.

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1 Comment
  1. Rachael Jan 30, 12:00 pm

    These are great, I often find myself looking for leather like textures but struggle to find ones that look authentic, I will be downloading many of these now, which will no doubt come in handy for a project very soon!

    I agree with Johnny, I would like to see a wood texture collection – as well as any other collection posts like these!

    Thanks for sharing them

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