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20 Free Adobe Lightroom Presets for Download


HDR Effect

The nameplate speaks for itself. The set is supposed to reinforce and enrich photos thereby making them look impressive and eye-catching. It focuses on coloring and details, giving the work a more intensive and deep look. While it is highly recommended to be used for architecture-related and natural scenes, unfortunately, when it comes to portraits, this wide area falls outside its possibilities. The author also suggests experimenting with exposure settings to yield the great result.

Mad Dash

Mad Dash is a small preset that lets you play with contrast, sharpness and balance in order to breathe some life and allure into regular pictures. It adds contrast-rich and slightly desaturated traits to compositions. You can restore selected details of the scene or return some original colors just with several clicks on ‘Saturation’ and ‘Blacks’ sliders.

Archived Grain

If you are a fan of Lomography, that was quite popular several years ago, then you will certainly appreciate this set of instruments. It has been converted into a standard preset for Lightroom 3. It is applicable for close-up photos that are best suited to reap benefits from the overwhelming retro feeling and a subtle note of grain textures.

Yeah – High Contrast

Although the preset is not universal and does not work good with every picture; nevertheless, when it comes to ones that are slightly underexposed it shows its full potential. So, it is worthy of occupying a place in your toolkit. It lets manipulate with contrast more effectively in order to achieve the best result.

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Ice Cold!

While the previous extension was centered around the reddish looks, this one goes for more bluish color schemes. It helps to add a sense of icy cold to the graphics in seconds. It can even affect hot summer photos skillfully neutralizing bright sun rays. There are three different versions so that you are welcome to conduct experiments.

Nostalgic Summer

The package ships with three add-ons, each of which gives the photo a lovely nostalgic atmosphere in its unique way. It works pretty well with portraits that require just tiny enhancements to burst with retro allure. It softens bright colors and energizes the pale tones, maintaining the harmony.

Fall Foliage

This is an ideal instrument to improve landscape photography that depicts beautiful natural scenery with the vast amount of trees on a cloudy day. The author was inspired by gorgeous autumn color palettes that are combinations of bright and pastel tones. The extension skillfully highlights the beauty inherent to the nature.

Faded film

Brant Smith shares with the online audience two valuable presets that are supported by Lightroom 3 and higher. The instruments enrich the project with soft and gentle tones that make the scenery look warmer, smoother and more pleasant as well as add a subtle retro note. Although they are intended to work with colored photos, however, in the black-and-white mode they provide the image with a particular charm.

Summer Presets

The tools are aimed to instill a sense of bright and warm summer into every photo you made. Kevin Hosford has crafted free eight presets that convert any shot into a picture from the favorite vacation season.


You do not have to be an experienced photographer who is equipped with the latest camera with fancy filters, advanced lens, and high-end features to make outstanding photos. What’s more, you even have a chance to fix up everything if you screw up. There is one solution – Lightroom and a bunch of third-party presets that were created for all occasions.

They come in handy for various spheres starting from charming and schmaltzy wedding photo shoots and ending with insipid yet sophisticated architecture projects. Although our collection is not so big, however, it covers various areas as well as includes some excellent free tools that are able to improve images in several clicks.

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