33 Examples of Login Form Designs for your Inspiration

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Elegant Login Form Design

Much like the previous example, the login form owes its sleek and clean appearance to fresh light coloring, a ton of white space and legible font. Smooth bluish button with rounded corners and highlighting effect assigned for selected fields are subtle touches that add to usability.

Mail login form by Andrey

The design incorporates some distinctive features that uniquely connect the form with common mail attributes thereby separating it from others. 2 decorative lines along the edges handle such effect. The rest is fairly conventional: line style inputs, grayish coloring, solid icons and gradient-based CTA with sleek 3d dimensional feel.

Login interface by Andrey

The layout is neatly split into two parts that have clear boundary. In such a way the author provides users with two options to sign in: via a regular form and social media platforms. The structure is standard: 2 input fields, ‘Sign In’ button and buttons for connecting through Twitter and Facebook. Here the aesthetics get its cutting-edge feel from embossed touches, perfect contrast, well-balanced arrangement and beautiful accent colors.

Login by Jake Stutzman

Login by Jake Stutzman features a great texture work that produces a sophisticated aesthetics. Leather backdrop nicely supports a set of default inputs that, thanks to vigilantly crafted embossed effect, fit here like a glove. The bulgy orange button stands in sharp contrast to the overall environment, gently drawing the attention, and a tiny ornamental element in the lower right corner adds an artistic touch.

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Clean login form

The clean login form has a super fresh and crisp appearance with an open feel. Transparent sticker, notebook-styled backdrop, light grey color scheme, outline shapes fit together like pieces of the puzzle. Along with this harmonious composition, the yellow convex CTA seems to be an eyesore that calls the attention.

Login Page – Premier List by Vadim Sherbakov

The artist is managed to carefully enrich the basic form with extra functionality. Skillfully crafted textured background serves as a solid foundation for bright and eye-catching buttons and for a pair of inputs that neatly stand out in relief.

Login by Oli Dale

Login by Oli Dale should overlap some foreground content so that it needs to stay in contrast to it. Here the red rules the roost. Although the component is quite modest and does not have a usual open feel, yet thanks to primary coloring it catches the eye. The subtle shadow on the top is a lovely touch.

Login Form by Ashish Thakkar

Login Form by Ashish Thakkar has a flavor of a carefully executed web form that boats of a crisp and clean appearance. Due to some delicate decorative details such as a pattern used on the bottom, smooth curly corners, metal pieces that connect 2 fields together, this simple form gets an exquisite appeal.

Login or Register

Login or Register by Daryl Ginn proves that transparency is an excellent trait that can revamp an appearance of any web form. Here input fields go native with any background, providing the users with a perfect place for filling in data. An overwhelming green CTA is a focal point that intends to increase conversions.

iPhone Login by Vasjen Katro

iPhone Login by Vasjen Katro has a certain level of personality that enhances the brand identity. The coloring echoes with the main design of an app. The light grey inputs and a green button with a distinctive shadow naturally excel from the clean black backdrop.

Clean & Simple Login Form

The two first words in the nameplate perfectly describe this form. The structure is pretty trivial, the color scheme also is not much to boast of, yet upon the whole, it is pleasing to eyes and pretty straightforward; exactly what is needed for the majority of regular users.

Fabric textured login by Ionut Zamfir

Here work with textures steals the show. The designer demonstrates a high level of skills by creating such a harmonious composition where basic inputs have been treated like pieces of art. Curved lines, stitched borders, embossed lettering are distinctive traits that power the design.

Login form by Gil

Login form by Gil was certainly inspired by glossy and glassy surfaces since the web form’s aesthetics is basically based on them. Of course, the color scheme is also well chosen. There are plenty of tiny killer details that put the puzzle together: metallic toggles, paper canvas, neatly crafted chain, shadows, and gradients.

Dark Login by Haziq Mir

As usual, the submit button is attractive and grabs the biggest piece of the pie. Nevertheless, the rest of design also is worth your attention. Graphics is elegant and exquisite, typography is sleek and distinctive, and the overall aesthetics is charming.


Being almost the primary method of interaction with users in website design, the form quite often stays misjudged and overlooked in terms of design. Though, of course, not every project demands a creative take on a component, yet it always pleasing and delightful to experience a good-looking, neatly crafted and well-balanced sign-in box that has a note of piquancy and complements the overall design.

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