Free Logo and Web Design Contract Templates

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Designers use various types of logo and web design contract templates in designing website. Especially, when it comes to the designers who work on a freelance basis, the first and foremost quality that he or she should have is an astounding contract base that will fetch him or her works on a regular basis.

Especially, when it comes to those graphic designers who are just starting off independently, they need to invest a sizeable amount to create a relatively decent contract base. Unfortunately, in most of the cases they are unable to do so. Here is where these free logo design contract templates come into play.

If you are planning to trigger off your career as a website designer and would like to work on a freelance basis, these contract templates can offer you a solution that will be extremely cost-effective for you. The options are many and all you have to do is to choose wisely the template(s) that will come to your use in the fullest way.

The need of the free logo design contract templates

You can use all those contract templates that are available on the net on the basis of your needs. You have the options to use those templates fully, by following the simple method of filling in all the relevant details about yourself as well as the client as well as the project.

Once you have done that you are free to use the template as your very own. You can also use these templates by applying them as reference when you are designing or writing a template of your own. No matter whatever way you would like to use these logo and web design contract templates, it is imperative that you have the contract draft duly checked by a licensed lawyer so as to safeguard yourself from any fraudulent activities.

There are various types of templates – each with its own unique styles and tastes and you can easily use the one that fulfills your need according to the work you are doing for your client.

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These web design contract templates sometimes come up with a bit too many technical terminologies though there are templates which are devoid of those jargons and they do not deal with too much legal nitty-gritty as well. It’s for the user to decide whether he or she is opting for something simple and straightforward that will make sense. It doesn’t perplex the client or a template which is too much technical.

These design contracts are devoid of too much technical or legal terms and terminologies. They simply lay out particular information, the briefof which a certain client has supplied. They are nice as well as simple and you can actually download these templates in either .pdf, or Open formats in MS Office. There are certain outstanding .pdf web design contract templates, which can be easily downloaded and used in order to adjust to the needs.

There are some logo design contract templates, depicting important proposals and budget, time-line information as well as circulars and you can avail all these in Illustrator format and all of them are extremely easy-to-download.

All these professional contract templates helps the designing companies as well as individuals to develop and design their very own customized  proposal documents for each and every project whenever they are looking forward to attaching a certain range of terms & conditions to the project.

All these templates are getting more popular and with the passage of time, more such downloadable templates are likely to hit the websites to serve people who need them to fulfill their purpose.

Free Logo & Web Design Contract Templates

Logo Design Contract of Agreement

The paper-based local treaty assists in dealing with a fundamental routine of negotiations between the performer and the employer, when it comes to crafting logotype designs. It takes into account such vital features as

  • first viewing;
  • file delivery that sheds a light on formats and number of copies;
  • ownership with rights clearly described;
  • use of the logo;
  • rights to modify the artwork;
  • delays and termination;
  • and several requests.

The end of the contract is marked by a special note, contact information and places for signatures.

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The sample looks simple and intuitive. It is made as a standard well-formatting piece of paper where each section is clearly delineated. You can view and edit template via Microsoft Office or Adobe Reader as well as instantly send it to the printing devices.

Contract Killer

Andy Clarke puts creative folks in driver’s seat. He explains how to compose a formal agreement with a customer. He published a helpful guide that gives hints how to draw up a legal contract that saves from sad and unexpected situations. It looks at such important points as

  • what exactly to include in a contract;
  • what both parties agree to do;
  • how to make it flexible and suitable for both sides;
  • payment schedule and some others.

The author concentrates on web developers, providing them with a small draft that consists of such aspects as desktop/mobile browser testing, text content, graphics and photos, design, technical support, SEO, revisions, copyrights, etc. Just copy and paste it in any text editor, and adapt it to your next project.

AIGA Standard Form of Agreement for Design Services

The template is based on a modular system so that you can break it into parts and use each section individually. There are

  • Basic Terms and Conditions;
  • Intellectual Property Provisions;
  • Print Specific Terms and Conditions;
  • Interactive-specific Terms and Conditions;
  • Environmental-specific Terms and Conditions.

The aim of the paper is to encourage companies on creating their custom proposal documents. With 80 pages it is certainly able to equip your next work with a solid legal foundation. You can download the PDF file or quickly customize it through Docracy.

Free contracts and templates for design business

The article features a small collection of various templates that let handle client management quite efficiently and painlessly. Jason Vaughn stands behind this little chest of treasure that provides web/graphic designers and developers with all the essential instruments for drawing up their custom contracts. The author also recorded a small video that shows how to adapt the form to comply with the specific tasks of work. Here you will find

  • Print questionnaire for print projects;
  • Web questionnaire plus Terms and Conditions for website projects;
  • Art approval sheet;
  • Invoice for several works made in a row;
  • SEO submission form;
  • BID spec sheet;
  • Job jacket and some others.

Each one is delivered in three standard formats: AI, DOC, and PDF.

Web Site Design Contract

The source displays a sample document that requires several corrections and details. Just fill in blanks and the basic contract is ready. It covers such aspects as

  • Confidentiality;
  • Description of work;
  • Payment Schedule;
  • Due dates;
  • Fees and additional services;
  • Expenses and some more.

It is simple yet effective.

How To Spot A Sketchy Client (Plus A Contract Template)

Speider Schneider speculates about the client interaction, good and bad relationships with customers and available solutions that allow avoiding misunderstandings, discontent, and omissions and make everyone happy. He gives convincing arguments in a favor of creating a strong contract and demonstrates how to force this legal instrument to benefit you. The provided sample is a union of the best features that you can find in contracts presented by AIGA and GAG. The draft embraces

  • creative brief;
  • payment and default in payment;
  • estimates;
  • changes;
  • expenses;
  • cancellation;
  • ownership and return of artwork and ten more crucial moments that need to be taken into consideration.

At the end of the post, you can download OpenOffice document to examine it more thoroughly or just use it as a base.


Let’s face it: the Internet is a place where a fraud is a widespread phenomenon. Bad clients, careless customers, swindlers have flooded its expanse; however, it does not mean that we, as workers, cannot deal with them on a proper level.

To protect yourself and create a comfortable environment where you can focus on a task rather than on sorting out issues with payments and delays, it is highly recommended, before getting down to business, sign a simple contract that will take into account all the vital factors. Even if you do not have a clue how to draw up one, you can easily employ the listed above samples. They are straightforward, intuitive and all-embracing.

Just add minor changes and use it as a legal shield against sticky and stressful situations.

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