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Top 15 Worldwide Professional Logo Designers


In order to become a successful maker of designer logos, you need to have certain qualities. Apart from that, you need to follow certain guidelines in order to become a successful maker of designer logo.

The first and foremost thing that you need to remember is that the customers are the source of your success and they are never wrong even if they are wrong. Hence, you must pay a proper heed to them and listen to them in details with utmost care. Before you opt for designing a designer logo, you must get hold of the basic need of your customer.

Try and make this entire process as interactive as possible so as to ensure that you can ably understand the exact type of designer logo your customer is asking for his or her business organization. However, in order to make sure that the entire process remains interactive enough, you need to ask various questions pertinent to the project to your client that will provide you a clear enough idea about what the client feels.

Don’t ever think that the customer will complain about too many questions. Even if he does, explain the need of asking too many questions.

A few Tips for Logo Designers

Don’t come to a conclusion in a hurry. Take as much time as possible to have a clear idea about the needs of your client. Before you start off, the first step in designing the logo will be to do an extensive homework about the organization whose logo you are designing along with the products which the organization produces.

This will give you a fair idea about the company and their way of working and all these would finally help you in conceptualizing the design. Go for extensive search and analysis and above all, always be as innovative as possible and always look for newer ways of expressing your thoughts & ideas.

Another very easy way is to compare the various logos of the competitors of that company in that particular industry. This will help you in getting familiar of the contemporary trends of logo designs that are created for that industry.

While deigning the logos, always try to be a less complex as possible. A complex logo will not only make things complicated but people will not be able to relate with the logo easily.

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Develop a habit of using various type of soothing if you are designing a company logo. All you need to do is to make various gorgeous color combinations because the colors would reflect attitude as well as insight, reminiscent of the company you are working for. For the fonts, do not use complex ones – opt for the ones which are simple yet attractive.

Try and design a logo which is a unique as well as different as that will help people to differentiate between other logos and the one created by you.

However, in order to create an attractive as well as unique logo, you would need to have some extra-ordinary skills and designing knowledge. Hence, never think twice before taking the option of more fancied and seasoned professionals if the situation may demand so.

Remember, a truly unique design will help attract people’s attraction and will undoubtedly increase the brand value of the company within a very short period of time. Imagine the logo of IBM or HP or Volkswagen or Mercedes. None of them is complex but they have become legends and unmistakably the symbols of these greatest brand names of the world. We recommend you to read the Origami Inspired Logo Designs.

Top Logo Designers

Rene Bieder

Orlando Aquije Abarca



Kliment Kalchev


Hype & Slippers

Reynolds and Reyner

Roger Oddone

Adrian Knopik

Kuba Enzowski

Andrian Valeanu

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