Logo Evolution of 12 Companies Brands


A logo is the “face” of a company. This is what people notice at first when they see a new car model, a mobile phone or anything else for that matter. This is why a logo has to represent the services or products the company provides at its best. Let’s take corporations for instance. They have all started like small businesses that grew into companies that ended up to be known worldwide, and their logos are the ones that people can instantly recognize. Each company has a history behind, and the logo reflects that trough different represented symbols.

I was stunned to find out that there is so much history just behind a simple logo and I liked the way they changed trough history. Simple things like fonts or the design itself improved or got worse, but that doesn’t really matter because these companies succeeded to build an international image already.

We have selected 12 for you to enjoy and get informed!

Logo Evolution of Brands

Pepsi Logo

Peugeot Logo

Nokia Logo

Nike Logo

Microsoft Logo

IBM Logo

Google Logo

Ford Logo

Firefox Logo

Apple Logo

Alfa Romeo Logo

Adobe Logo


  1. Ashley Symons Apr 23, 1:21 am

    Their seems to be a recurring theme within the companies logo – they start out with some form of images plus text, then they end up with either just the image or the text. Another theme I notice is some of them go from very simple, to more complex and then back to very simple, such as the Nike logo.


  2. alex d Oct 7, 9:36 pm

    Every business needs a logo. Logo design is essential to the success of your growing business. The company logo is part of your company’s marketing campaign, and a strong image that your market can latch onto. Always find the best business logo possible.

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