15 Useful Lorem Ipsum Generators


Well, I think most of us are aware of the dummy text concept. You can also call it a fake copy which is used for the content part of a new lay out before the real text is put in. This lets us view the design of the page beforehand. Lorem Ipsum is by far the most productive of the other dummy texts. Some useful Lorem Ipsum like Bacon Ipsum can create paragraphs and words with bacons. This generator gives the users the facility to generate words, paragraphs, sentences of different types.

It also enables one to insert HTML tags to the page. Lorem Ipsum generator is used very often as it is easy to use with a few options and some clear-cut content. The users find it easy to identify the words, paragraphs and lists. You can get a group of mock banners to download the Lorem Ipsum generator. They come in different colors and different banner sizes. IE tab is good for web developers and for those who want to check IE rendering engine.

Speed tracer is great for solving your performance problems especially in web applications. It is available as Chrome extension and the good thing is that it has its mechanism support for all platforms. Snippy lets you grab snippets from web pages and then accumulate them for future use. It has the capacity to arrest rich contents images, links, paragraphs and then preserve the formatting. Adhesion text is a forceful text tool and can produce a fake text paragraph with diverse sets of character. The user has the facility to identify various languages and alphabets like Cyrillic, Latin, and Arabic.

Other options include adding basic punctuation and certain case insensate doubt. The text generator by malevole gives you something interesting rather than the dull Lorem Ipsum. Here you can generate casual content, with some paragraphs to make it look more meaningful. The users can categorize the paragraphs with a maximum of five paragraphs. For recognizing your work with clients you can use the dummy text. Even though one should not be using dummy content but this is how it works as we see that filler text is handy for designers and typographers in their own way.

Lorem Ipsum Generators

Cupcake Ipsum – Sugar-coated Lorem Ipsum Generator

Gangsta Lorem Ipsum dummy text generator

Veggie Ipsum – the vegetarian lorem ipsum generator

Bacon Ipsum – A Meatier Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum – All the facts – Lipsum generator

Dummy Text Generator

adhesiontext – A Dynamic Dummy Text Generator

Latin Text Generator for Mac OS X – LittleIpsum

Samuel L Ipsum – Alternative Lorem Ipsum Generator

Vatican Assassin – Charlie Sheen Lorem Ipsum Generator

Fillerati – Faux Latin is a Dead Language

HTML Ipsum

Dynamic Dummy Image Generator


  1. Quote Ipsum Oct 15, 4:42 pm

    This is an Ipsum generator using quotes. Quote Ipsum. http://www.quoteipsum.com

  2. Tuan Oct 29, 3:24 pm

    Check out http://www.pommyipsum.com – it’s got some hilarious pommy slang!

  3. Chris Simpkins May 21, 10:28 pm

    lorem is a CLI tool that will replace a delimiter in your text files with as much dummy text as you’d like. It’s free, MIT licensed, and you can download it from GitHub.

    Details here:

    I am interested in feedback from the design community on how to improve the tool so that it is more useful to you (e.g. ability to add tags on paragraphs, import your own text for replacement, etc). Feel free to jump aboard and help develop this tool. No coding skills required. Constructive criticism to make it better would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Ru Nacken Dec 8, 7:25 pm

    Catered to the needs of startups, checkout this Lorem Ipsum generator for entrepreneurs I built: http://startupsum.com

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