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30+ Free and Premium Magento Themes (Templates) for Your E-Commerce Projects


In this modern world, majority of the homes have an internet connection because of which the E-commerce is rapidly flourishing. There are several platforms of E-commerce are available online and Magento is one among the leading platforms which is highly popular with an open source technology. It has exceptionally flexible features and an excellent functionality that attracts numerous online businessmen. Normally, the products that we purchase online are cheaper comparatively because the online merchant do not have much of the investment. Because of the lower expenses, many business people are going for the online selling using these applications.

The Magento has a complete control over the functionality and the look of the online E-commerce store. Since it is quite easy to integrate, Magento gives you the total independence to develop your own e-commerce store as you wish. Being a new dimension to the world of E-commerce, these templates are always on demand. The free Magento templates are the best when compared to the premium magento templates. These templates are very appealing and unique which attracts quite a lot of business persons. Thus, Magento is desperately developing and is already being utilized by more than 60,000 businessmen.

The important elements present in a Magento platform are the analytics and reporting, marketing tools, search engine optimization, site management, customer service, customer accounts, multiple payment features, shipping, checkout, international support, product browsing, catalog browsing, order management and mobile commerce. You need to get a Magento template after you have installed your Magento distributive. According to your requirements, the Magento templates could be customized. If your budget is high, you can add some more fashionable designs to your online E-commerce store. If not, you can just buy the cheap premium Magento templates or the free templates.

Even the inexperienced people and the beginners can easily use the Magento templates which have an interactive interface. With these templates, you can create an effective and an eye catching website and can easily promote your products or services through the online store. The Magento templates provide globalization to your business and increase the revenue by its marketing tools. There is also an option to change the language of your website and thus it could be focused in two separate countries. With its user-friendly and the stunning features, Magento provides multitude beneficiaries to your online business. The best services of Magento have deliberately satisfied the requirements of the online business people.

Free Magento Themes (Templates)

Polaroid Magento Theme


Magento Absolute Theme

Smashing Commerce Magento Theme

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Grayscale Free Magento Template

Hardwood Magento Theme

Premium Magento Themes (Templates)

Mobile Store Magento Theme

Exdress-Medusa Luxury Fashion Store Magento Theme

Computer Store Magento Themes

Apparel and Clothes Magento Template


i-Store Magento Theme


T-shirts magento


Mobile Magento Theme

Apparel Store Magento theme

MT Orchid Movie magento themes

Layover Magento

iPhone Shop Magento Theme

Dashing Magento

Apparel Store

Miniml Magento Theme

Boutique – Magento Theme

Perfume Magento Theme

Furniture Store

Platform Red

Organic Magento Theme


ClassiShop Magento Template

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