Magnolia – Infographics & Data Visualization Elements Pack

Magnolia is the biggest pack of Infographic and Data Visualization Elements we offer. It contains more than 150 ready-to-use elements that are perfect for building almost any infographic, from visualizing numbers to tables and charts.

This infographic template (PSD) pack contains graphs, charts, diagrams, lines, tables, shapes, icons, arrows, text and more.

With this set of elements, you can easily create presentations, reports, websites, ads, brochures, posters or any other type of data visualization. Made for designers, this pack is easy to use and could also benefit analysts, managers, developers and other people working with data, information or statistics.

This one of the most complete and comprehensive packs on the market. Magnolia will save you time and effort; you can create data visualization elements with ease by arranging and mixing-and-matching elements from this large infographics pack.

The elements are created with Photoshop Vector Shapes. You can easily adjust sizes, angles, color and other features, without losing the quality or the shape of individual or grouped elements.

Magnolia – Infographic Elements Pack

Magnolia Page 1 Magnolia Page 2 Magnolia Page 3 Magnolia Page 4 Magnolia Page 5Layers

17 Responses
  1. John Sep 3, 5:29 pm

    Two vertical timelines are awesome, my favorite elements. Congratulation and good work.

    All you packs are really great.

  2. Samuel Lavoie Sep 4, 11:32 pm

    Great pack, buying it to use for infographics and presentations :)

  3. Lawrence Sep 12, 8:43 pm

    Awesome pack, cheers guys, great work Diana.

    Keep dishing out these beauties :)
    just purchased

  4. Louise Sep 19, 1:31 am

    Could you explain the difference between the 2 licenses? What does the developer one allow you to do?

  5. Todd Feb 7, 8:37 pm

    Hi, what is the minimum edition of Photoshop that be used to manipulate these images?

  6. Todd Feb 7, 10:23 pm

    Why not just answer my question?

    • Adrian Feb 7, 11:09 pm

      Because in the technical section you will find more useful information for you.

  7. GG Mar 18, 12:22 pm

    Can these be manipulated in photoshop to represent actual numerical data, like Illustrator’s graph tool? Or is it just guesswork and approximation? How to accurately show qualitative, comparative information, timeline, pie charts, graphs, etc?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Adrian Mar 18, 1:01 pm

      Numerical data is not adjustable. You will modify manually in the layers. Layers are shaped, so you can change size how you love.

  8. ShanthiPushnan May 8, 8:30 pm

    Question: can we use this package to draw charts programmatically? what i am looking for is to present dynamic statistics over the web for public polls. This can be done using charting API’s but that’s not cool looking. Can i achieve the same using this package?

    • Justin White Mar 7, 12:10 am

      This was the question I asked myself, just before I clicked Developers license.
      As a visual designer, it would be awesome to have an already built library to work from, but it’s in photoshop, and not in Illustrator, even though they’re vector shapes… :( As a developer, it would be nice to update the charts programmatically.

      Pros: everything you need Vector shapes. Great starting point
      Cons: Not programmatic. Have to use Photoshop. Requires gestimation of data.

      When the site said it as for web, I assumed it would be programmatic.

  9. Kristi Apr 21, 9:01 pm

    I don’t see anything about whether or not this can be used in Photoshop Elements. I’m not a designer but want to use these graphics for a project for my child’s school and only have PSE. Thanks!

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