MailOptin Review – The Best WordPress List Building and Automated Newsletters Plugin

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How many times have you been told email list building is dead? You have probably heard that boring line many times over, but the money is still in the list and that’s why companies keep building the email list.

Behind the lies of email list building being dead is the frustration of people who can’t find the right tools to effectively and efficiently make lead generation work for them.

Over time, people get easily frustrated because their old method of collecting emails in the past has become an annoyance to online users. In this day and age, only smart WordPress email list building plugins can survive the test of time without undermining result and performance.

A little mistake on your optin form can create a fatal blow to your company, ultimately putting the value of your website on the low. To adequately generate smart optin forms that really works. MailOptin was designed to address the fears of list builders with tons of features and functionality.

Let us walk through some of the features that have made MailOptin a hot dog among its competitors.

Introducing MailOptin

MailOptin is a feature-packed WordPress plugin that will allow you to start building list instantly. It is very flexible and easy to use. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of list building or coding to start seeing the result.

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The fact that you can install a WordPress plugin is proof that you can start using MailOptin to start building email list immediately.  There are tons of amazing templates, fully customizable to suit your design sense in the journey to revitalizing your business.

Unlike other alternatives in the market, MailOptin goes a step further to ensure your email list subscribers, readers or customers are nurtured and constantly engaged using its suite of event-triggered and automated emails such as new post notification and email digest with lots of other automation constantly being added.

Digging Deep: Breaking Down the Features

MailOptin comes will a lot of optin form types including lightbox, before/after post form, notification-bar, slide-in, and sidebar/widget.


The options available sufficiently provides liberty to build email list in several ways; you can use the aggressive route of displaying popups right in front of your visitors or take the subtle approach, dealing first with user experience by displaying the optin form in post or widget.

Whatever ways you want your users to interact with your optin form, MailOptin is built to give you that freedom and flexibility. There are equally a lot of options that come along with each feature, including the ability to make use of different templates.

Establishing 4 Core MailOptin Features

  • Intuitive Form and Template Builder
  • Event-triggered / Automated Email Newsletters
  • Page-Level Targeting
  • Exit Intent
  • Built-in Analytics

Let us examine each of these features.

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Intuitive Form and Template Builder

You don’t have to be a designer or hire one to build high converting lead optin forms. Our powerful drag & drop builder allows you to create visually astonishing and conversion optimized optin forms and email newsletter templates. You have total control to make customization to your heart content.



Event-triggered / Automated Email Newsletters:

This is a really interesting feature that will save you time and stress because it is purely automated. The MailOptin email automation feature will allow you to create different types of emails or automatic newsletters like newly published post to your website registered users or preferred list on any email marketing service provider.


As a result of this super-amazing feature, you can deliver multiple leads based on specific events or action taken, and in this case, you can quickly set an email trigger for new post notification to your list.

MailOptin has a ready-to-use template that makes the whole process work on the fly. The only action required is for you to hit the publish button, once a new post is published, the plugin takes over.

Page-Level Targeting:

The page level targeting feature of MailOptin makes you the supreme commander of your email list building strategy. You can exclusively display optin forms on specific areas of your site. You can also prevent optin forms from appearing on specified posts, pages and categories on your WordPress site.

This is a great feature to have because you are not put in a box. There is total freedom to realize the best approach you intend collecting emails for effective marketing. The depth of the MailOptin plugin in terms of functionality breaks the boundaries of limitation which makes it a premium email marketing tool to have.

Exit Intent:

One of the most robust features that make MailOptin plugin separated from its competition is the exit intent optin trigger. This makes it a smart plugin; it is able to detect when a user is about to leave your website before launching your optin campaign.

From research, visitors greatly disapprove of popups when visiting a website. It annoys them, but popups are the most aggressive way to build your email list.

How do we solve this problem?

Rather than annoy your visitors with popups immediately they access your website, MailOptin will let them interact with your website and as there are about to exit, the beautiful optin form pops up and triggers their curiosity, enhancing lead without downgrading user experience.

Exit Intent

Outside displaying the popup before the exit of your visitors, you can also decide to make the appearance dynamic by using the MailOptin conditional features. You can display optin popups after a period of time, or after scrolling down the page. You can also decide to make the popup display after visitors have interacted with any specified number of pages in the optin option panel.

Exit Intent is one out of optin triggers MailOptin offers including scroll trigger, time on site and page views.

Built-in Analytics:

The built-in analytics on MailOptin makes tracking very easy and accurate. You won’t have to carry out your email list building on the assumption, the raw data generated will emphatically help you track the number of times your forms were shown, the number of impressions, subscriber count, and conversion rate.

You can’t fail with this kind of robust data; you can easily detect the optin forms that convert the most as well as the top converting pages. Within few minutes, you can use the optin analytics to dramatically increase your conversion rate by adjusting elements of the low converting optin forms.



This is called connections on the MailOptin dashboard. It simply refers to the kind of integration that can happen with the plugin and so far, you can connect MailOptin with all the leading and popular email marketing service providers in market.

Right now, you can easily integrate MailOptin WordPress Plugin with Mail Chimp, Sendy, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Aweber and lots more. So, you have a lot of options to select from, making you not to be limited in any way. You are in total control with MailOptin email list builder!

MailOptin Setup

Setting up the plugin is stupidly easy; there are no complex settings, it is super easy to get started immediately. Once installed and activated, a new menu item is created in your WordPress dashboard side menu. This contains links to the plugin settings and other core features.

To get started, the first thing to do is connect to your email marketing service provider by clicking on the Connections tab, and then enter your account API key or click the Authorization button.



MailOptin seamlessly integrates with major email marketing services like Mail Chimp, Aweber and Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor etc.

For starters, you may want to begin your list building with Mail Chimp which is free to use until you get to 2,000 subscribers. So, you can start using MailOptin instantly, even if you are not yet signed up to an email marketing service without spending extra money.

Then create a “New Optin” by clicking the Optin Campaigns tab. You will instantly interact with different type of optin forms types. Simply click on your desired optin form and create. It’s that easy!


More also, you can fully customize each of the optin forms you create. Once customization is complete, you will have to activate the form on the Optin Campaigns page.

Moving on, locate the Lead Bank tab. In this page, you will get to see your subscriber list, including user agent and ability to export all your leads. This comes very handily if you ever decide to have an extra copy of your leads for any reason.


There are three pricing options for MailOptin and they include:

  • Lite: Free with limitations
  • Standard: $99/year (All core features with license for just one site)
  • Pro: $199/year (Full package plus priority and multisite support)

Do you want to try the plugin before upgrading? The lite version is available for this purpose. You can download from the WordPress repository.

Get all information regarding pricing and plans on the official MailOptin website.


MailOptin is very easy to use; you can get it running on your WordPress site without any technical knowledge on coding. One of its strengths is the well-detailed description available on every setup process, this way you won’t even need to visit the knowledge base page of the plugin, it is really impossible to get stranded within the plugin options area.

Judging by what available to so far, it comes with a fantastic graphical user experience and it is equally very intuitive. If you want to use lightbox the best way, without annoying your visitors, there is no better plugin to use than MailOptin. The exit intent functionality makes the whole process of building email list very effective. This feature makes it stand out, compared to its competition.

If you talk about pricing, it is pretty much affordable. The unlimited sites available to the PRO pricing plan is a steal for anyone running on a budget, but having multiple sites with the intent of building leads. MailOptin gives you value you can’t get anywhere else for a price that is super affordable.

For testing, the “Optin Analytics” give you detailed information about your performance. This way you can easily track poor converting optin campaigns and make the necessary adjustment.

If you want smart technology like exit intent, multiple templates, page-level targeting and analytics with unmatched user experience, then MailOptin is an investment for the money! What is the money? The money is the money you will get from easily generating quality leads in your email list building journey by getting the job done with the right tool that really has to be the powerful MailOptin WordPress plugin that works like a charm.

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