Sleek Media Player Interfaces: Best Examples and Free PSD’s

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As an owner of online resource whether it is a simple blog, a magazine, a small news portal or e-shop we tend to make it as popular and successful as possible. There are plenty of tricks and tips to attract new visitors and force them to stay. The most proven and, as a consequence, frequently used methods are:

  • creating memorable unconventional design;
  • include animations and various interactive elements;
  • regularly giving away free goods;
  • and last but not least, publishing good-quality and interesting articles.

But, as you may have noticed, the days of simple texts and plain images have worn away and the era of rich multimedia content has begun. Many authors include articles not only visual images, but also explanatory videos. Along with many advantages that accompany use of multimedia such as enhancing page ranking, increase efficiency and general availability and much more, there are some drawbacks that, at first place, raise issues of compatibility and website loading time. Fortunately, due to technical progress, most of them will be solved during the coming years.

Main components of Media Player

The none media player cannot do without the following items:

  • play/stop/pause buttons;
  • volume control;
  • title.

Other functions such as backward/forward, go to first/last item, menu, playlist, progress bar, timer, full-screen icon, favs option, share bar are facultative. All in all there are plenty of media player interface designs, starts with minimalistic versions that include the only a couple of buttons and ending up with unconventional covers with page flip effects and massive navigation panel, that can fully satisfy needs of any visitor.

In the meantime I suggest you take a look at our collection of varied player covers; we have also included more than 10 useful psd templates.

Media Player Design Examples

Music player by bico

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Goes for dark classic player style including only several necessary buttons and progress bar with timer.

Mini Music Player – Liquorice UI Kit by Gustaf Zetterlund

Is based on page flip effect making player looks a bit like music album disc cover.

Player by Zolotco D. Eugene

Is an exploration in a hot trend – windows 8 style.

Music Player by Paco

Charms with clean and elegant appearance achieved by subtle gradients and shadows.

Online Video Player by Bilal Khettab

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Features option panel with fully transparent background that allows expanding the space for displaying video stream.

Player by Frank Rapacciuolo

Is a compact video player with narrow right-sided option panel.  Almost transparent background of a sidebar makes it suitable for any color scheme.

Switchcam Mini Player by Matt Reed

Is enclosed in a special slightly transparent dark upper frame with floating menu system.

Mini player by Denis Abdullin

Utilizes only plain elements without any particular style made in black and white color scheme.

Small player – 2 by Avinash Tripathi

Relies strongly on unconventional design proving that the compact player design can also be unique and memorable.

Mini Music Player by Timothy

Also goes for a minimal approach including only necessary stuff.

Media Player by Rizqi P Holidi

Recreates dark strong feelings by means of using dimgray color palette and bright restrained graphics.

Mini player by Rasmus Stenbergh

Fully employs advantages of contrast neatly placing dark background and well-defined white graphic elements upon it.

Music player by Sanadas young

Breaks the monotony of standard media player designs making it look like an interactive paper-based album cover.

Player Video by VIMARE Thomas

Brings a note of darkness and seriousness by using black non-transparent background and navy blue color for emphasis.

Music Player by DX GRAPHIC

Divides interface into 3 functional parts. Each of which has its own number of features and variant background.

Music Player by zldesign

Is centered around huge white icons which occupy most of the space. Green color goes perfectly well with black and white color palette.

Music Dribbble by Art Addict

Conveys a warm experience by using vintage soft color scheme.

Mini Music Player by Housseynou Fall

Mimics tooltip shape. Fading gradient which is used as a background for option panel make every item distinctive.

Miniplayer by Fabio Basile

Envisages an unusual effect of moving between playlist items.

Movie – Pusher by Ryan Murphy

Is a first interface design in our collection with freestanding navigation panel. Thanks to shadows and 3D effects, option panel looks like keyboard, and frame with video looks like monitor screen.

Mini player by BEΔSTY DESIGN

Is another attempt to stylize the design in tooltip shape. Light color scheme and glow effect makes it look clean and neat.

Music player by Eugene F

Has a truly minimal design. Half transparent navigation icons in conjunction with perfectly blended progress bar make interface looks refined and complex.

Simple Google Music Notification by Nathan Butler

Leverages simple white background along with dark strong typography and common icons in order to make design accurate and clear.

Music Player by chancema

Is a nicely designed interface with highly attention to details. Gradients and various shadows add a bit of depth to buttons and icons.

Music Player by aitPeng

Screams girlish style with a bunch of pink elements and glossy graphics.

Bulky Miniplayer by Antonio Krämer Fernandez

Is a meld of the ordinary video player interface and the standard slider design.

Multimedia players are also used in different applications. Due to modern technologies, you have an opportunity to experiment with interface design making it looks whatever you like. Also, you are not limited in the choice of functionality and extensibility; even a compact media player can be advanced and sophisticated.

And what do you think of contemporary players? Do you prefer players with plenty of features? Or the minimalistic approach looks better?

Nataly Birch

Nataly is a web developer from Sevastopol, Ukraine with a passion for web design, email design, and IT writing.

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