25 Examples of Natural Light Photography


Light is a very important aspect of photography and the better you handle it, the better pictures you can get. You can determine how your subjects appear in the photos you take by playing with the color, the quantity and the quality of the light you use.

Of course, it gets easier when you can actually control it, and by this I mean that perfect studio light that you can increase or decrease, you can decide the tone and the angle of the light you get. However most of the pictures you take are outside and if you are not a professional photographer you won’t be able to carry your artificial sources of light everywhere you go, hence this is when natural light comes into the picture.

I myself am a fan of natural light and I prefer it more than the artificial studio light. Although it is trickier to take pictures by using natural light, the successful ones look way better than those in a studio. Once you take the camera in your hand, you have to practice your skill of capturing the right amount of light and the perfect angle that goes with it.

This post is meant to showcase a series of truly beautiful photographs using natural light and I hope it will set an example to all of you who would like to work on their skills.

Natural Light Photography



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