Designmodo Looking for New Authors


With the launch of Designmodo’s new design, we’ve decided to increase the number of articles we post on the site. We need authors to write on a regular basis who can produce high-quality, beautiful and useful articles on web design and development. All authors are paid as agreed in advance.

We are looking for tutorials and practical articles about web design. We want our readers to learn something new by reading articles and tutorials. Articles should be written in English and by experts in their fields. No rewriting or interpretation of other articles will be accepted.

What we need to know about you:

  1. What your skills are, what you specialize in.
  2. Examples of articles (links to your previous materials).
  3. What you would like to write about for our site.

What topics of articles we publish:

  1. Web Design: responsive design, trends, detailed showcases, design techniques.
  2. Tutorials: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript etc.
  3. Typography: type design, font selection, techniques and tools.
  4. CSS3, HTML5, jQuery: theory, practice, techniques, creative solutions.
  5. WordPress: practice, techniques, plugins, themes.
  6. Mobile: designing and developing for mobile devices – iPad, iPhone, Android.
  7. Useful tools for designers and web developers.
  8. Usability: user experience and usability testing.
  9. E-Commerce: trends, techniques, practice, conversion rates optimization.
  10. Freebies: icons, web elements, ui kits, fonts, themes, templates.

Examples of our authors: Carrie Cousins, Marcin Treder, Christian Vasile, Valeriu Timbuc, Iaroslav Lazunov, Abbas Suterwala and many others.

If you want to write for our readers and are an expert in your field, contact us and we’ll discuss the details. Share this information with your friends, maybe there is someone who wants to work with us among them.

We kindly await your letters.


  1. Prerak Trivedi Dec 14, 1:25 pm

    I was waiting for this. I will mail you soon.

  2. Sev Gevorkyan Dec 16, 1:49 am

    Making great changes. Lookout for a letter from me

    I am an avid reader of tutorials and have been debating on whether or not I should create my own tutorial website for some time

    If I could write for designmodo, I think that my tutorials would b more powerful to the design community than going on my own

    Best regards

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