New Tumblr Themes: Free and Premium Solutions

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Launched in 2007, Tumblr’s success journey as a microblogging site started with its entry into Obama’s Top 5 Tech Tools in PC World. Users visit this platform to share audio, video, texts, links, images, and quotes on their Tumblr space or Tumblelog. Tumblelog is a short form for the Tumblr blog. On this micro-blogging site, you can keep your Tumblelog private or share it with your group by following other users. Usually, Tumblr themes are preferred for their simple and elegant features that enable you to post short blogs against the backdrop of beautiful designs.

There are many users who think Tumblr is the best tool available to them. Why? The reason is it allows you to choose from a wide range of both free and premium themes for your Tumblelog. Unlike other blogging or microblogging sites, Tumblr’s collection of paid, as well as free themes, is quite interesting. You can browse through both the categories to get an ideal theme for your blogging space.

Free Tumblr Themes

If you want to enjoy free themes, the choices are immensely wide. These include Stationery, Ancient Page, Luxury Notes, Boundless, The Traveler, Chalkdust, Effector Theme, Panda Classics Recycled, Glacial Simplicity and Spring. All these themes can be used for free and can make a good difference to your blogging experience on Tumblr.

Aside from them, some other free themes which are also worth browsing comprise Organ, Royal Cameleon, Royal Ribbon, Art She Said, Grunge Era, Dark Things, Solstice, Pink Touch 2, Inkhorn and Native Citizens.

Elegant designs and easy navigation are the two strong points of these themes.

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Effector Theme

Miss Sourpuss

Boston Polaroid

Premium Tumblr Themes

Premium theme collection can give a professional look and feel to your blogging space. The choices are many. You just have to pick the right one that suits the concepts and ideas of your blog. For instance, if you want your blog to have the feel of a magazine, you can probably go with its Squared Magazine theme. The theme offers you space for latest posts, comments, widgets, related posts, social network sharing and so on.

If you want a hi-tech look and feel for your blog, Essentia is good. Loaded with several customization options, the theme is much known for allowing its user to upload his or her chosen background and see it getting scrolled automatically. It also offers the choice of additional backgrounds and the PSD file.

You can also take a look at Elegantem. This theme is very useful if you need any kind of help with social media services. In this theme, you can see a great combination of design and function. Its ability to provide you with the choice of customizing layout and highlighting the latest entry options make it worth trying.

The other interesting Tumblr themes are Pop Gallery and Forma. Pop Gallery theme helps you create visual portfolios and galleries through thumbnails showing categories for new, reserved and sold products. Forma, on the other hand, emphasizes mainly on the content and gives complete control to the user over its themes.

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Another theme that can make an interesting choice too includes Timeline. Here, you can see your blog posts as timelines. It’s easy and fun. If you need something very simple and clean with minimal features, then you can look for Nuance. Other than these, you can also check themes like POPCASE, Pixelated, Shift, Focus, Pandemonium Magazine, Cream, Litefolio and plenty of others.

The choices under both the free and premium categories are amazing. You just have to decide which one you want for your blogging space.

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