Great New Year Competition – Win One License of Startup Framework!


Win One License of Startup Framework

After the New Year, many of you will start new projects or continue developing your start-ups. At Designmodo, we try to support new, fresh ideas and projects, and New Year’s Eve will mark the start of a competition granting one Startup Framework license for a project submitted by one of our readers.

Our main desire is to give this product to a person passionate for the project he/she creates, believes in the idea of the project, and understands why he/she needs Startup Framework.

Terms of the competition:

  • In the comments, tell us why you need Startup Framework, why you’d like to get it, and how you intend to use it for creating your project;

  • Provide a link to the project where you’d like to use our product. If the project hasn’t been created, you can briefly describe the idea of the future project. The more interesting, deep and emotional is your project’s description, the better;

  • Share a link to this competition on Facebook, Twitter or your personal blog.

The competition will run until January 10. At which point the Designmodo team will choose the project we like and announce a winner. The winner will get a Startup Framework license, and will be able to describe his/her project in an article on Designmodo to millions of readers in the design community.

Good luck and Happy New Year!


  1. Riyadh Al Nur Dec 30, 9:04 pm

    I am currently building my own startup – I’m the back end developer. With so much time I have to give on the product itself, I need a quick way to get a landing page up to let people and potential clients know about our product before we launch.

    The StartUp Framework mean I don’t have to spend too much time on building a landing page meaning I can focus on making my product better. I have always wanted to do something on my own because I have always done things on my own and this project will take me a step further. My project aims to bring retailers big or small under one common platform in the cloud.

  2. denisdesign Dec 31, 1:48 am

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity guys! Winning a free copy of StartUp Framework would be a great opportunity for me learn more about this amazing product and to help my community.

    I would like to use StartUp Framework for developing a landing page or a website for an nonprofit organization called Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center, located here in Jacksonville, FL. It’s is a local nonprofit organization that works to improve the lives of girls by improving the ways in which girls are treated.

    Right now they have old and difficult to manage website. It would be a great opportunity for me to help them to build a new website or a special landing page to promove their campaigns and spread the word. This project will be completely pro-bono and I belive with that with StartUp Framework we can do a lot.

    • Serg Jan 10, 5:52 pm

      Great idea Denisdesign! That would be the best reason to start off the year! Hope you get the framework:)

  3. taherrapee Dec 31, 8:53 am

    hi i need fast way and better way so i read about startupframwork and i decieded that it is the best for my project as i want to creat site help people to know information about webhdesigne on arab world

  4. Zhia Dec 31, 9:30 am


    Startup Design Framework caught my eye when it was announced (not even launched yet!). The simplicity which allows developers and designers alike to collaborate on an idea seemed like a great idea at the time. But it has proven that it goes beyond that.

    I personally spend a ton of time customizing CSS from scratch, and every single project I find that it takes a huge chunk of my time to do so. If I do get Startup Framework, I’ll first revamp most of the small projects I’ve been working on, and also use it to customize my own personal blog: I believe that it’ll help a ton because I’m a web developer first by profession, and it’s been taking too much of my time to design and develop at the same time! Therefore, I think Startup Framework will help tremendously in taking the design work out of the equation, and allows me to fully focus on what I do best.

    The project that I’m thinking of doing is creating a website that allows users to post a daily picture of themselves. They can’t post as many as they want, because I think that’s what Instagram is doing. Instead, a user can only post one photo a day (they pick any they like), and this helps filter out nonsense photos in my opinion. Everyday I jumpstart facebook and instagram and all I see are photos of cats and dogs and food. I hope to change that because i want to filter out the bad photos and only focus on one good photo a day. I think this speaks out to many people who are tired of filtering through tons of junk photos just to find a good one. If we place a limit on that, then I believe we can find better quality photos. And I already have the idea jotted down, now I just need a great design framework to start it!

    What do you guys think?

    I hope to win this and good luck to everyone!

  5. Federico Dec 31, 1:27 pm

    Hi guys,
    Startup Design Framework means for me to be able to focus on startup that I’ m creating and create it in the best way. It can also help to create a first concept for the network I want to create.

    My idea is to create a community for instant film lovers. This means creating a community of photographers sharing photos taken with old cameras by Polaroid, Fujifilm, Kodak etc.
    The idea of this community was born from the passion for snapshot and to create a world reference for photographers born with a polaroid in hand, but also for future enthusiasts.
    I want to offer a place where you can find all the answers related to the world of instant photography, where to learn, buy, discover and share.

    I don’t have a link to show the idea, but I hope that you may be interested.

    • Federico Jan 4, 3:04 pm

      In the previous comment I forgot to write that i presented for the first time this idea for my graduation. Startup Design Framework would help me to realize my project.

      I also uploaded some images of the brochure that I presented to my graduation.

      Thanks for all

  6. Alex Saunders Dec 31, 3:32 pm

    My plan for the framework is simple yet creative, create an interactive laboratory for my website for web designers and the average person to explore the webs capabilities and deploy it in our lab.

  7. Aaron G Dec 31, 10:06 pm

    Sometimes there are moments were you need to be patient for things to happen others times you need to act right away.
    I’ve waited for that ‘right idea’ for a while now, some of those ideas have been missed opportunities others times I’ve been glad I didn’t act.

    Two days ago I told a friend about an app I had an idea for – A social media platform designed to engage users with an outcome, a sense of community engagement and contribute to content which they are part of (as oppose content which is focused on individual celebrities or events which they can’t relate to) . The app has an elements of entertainment but a productive aspect for users. By the end of the conversation my heart was racing, I felt scared? Anxiety attack? No I finally realised that THIS IS IT, the moment has finally come to act.
    We spoke a bit more about the idea and what to do next, he did mention using Startup Framework to get a feel of the idea and test it out on the public but I wanted to write down a business plan first. This morning after doing some research I came across Dribble then saw an ad to Designmodo and here I am.
    After viewing the video I can see exactly how Startup Framework can help me design and test out the interaction/feel and look of the app on the public. As well as helping me explain the idea of the app as words only tell explain half the story.
    Visually I know what i want to create but Startup Framework can help me see the app and test different design ideas and this would help tremendously when creating a presentation to secure financing with VC’s (yes I’m that confident as I’ve made the commitment).
    When i started thinking about ideas a while back someone suggesting making blocks i did it in Microsoft power point and visually it was depressing and so 2002, the style and look of your designs are engaging and visually stimulating hence why i would like to win this comp.

    Here is my like on sharing the competition

    Thanks for listening

  8. Chonil Jan 1, 10:00 am

    Hi, I’m Chonil from a small island- in the capital of Colombo, Sri lanka. I have been in the design industry for the past 8 years, and saw how much it has been evolved from the days to . I’m fascinated and happy to see many small and large groups of startups and firms have started and there exponential growth year by year. When i saw the Startup framework for the first time it was like my dream creation, where you have all what you need to start a project.

    I’m on the process of creating a website called which is a collective of website directory for designers and developers to share the badge on there website and promote there hardwork in all in one portal. Idea is based on “Made in NYC”, but for creatives in Asian region. I would love to use the startup framework as the main platform for the site, and i’m already using the flat-ui free edition for the backend.

    This is a non-profit project which I’m putting my full effort to share across the world of creatives with fellow designers and developers. I’m much appreciated to Designmodo for all the creative contribution to the community from your site. And looking forward to hearing from you guys :) and hope you would consider me as a valid project for the Year 2014.

    Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2014. And may all our dreams come through..


  9. Siddharth Jan 1, 5:16 pm

    I’m a scrappy entrepreneur from India, and the founder of

    If you look at our website, you’ll see that we already using FlatUI Pro, and this is a framework that I’m in love with! The thing about me is that I’m not a UI guy. Far from it – my UI skills suck like really baaaad. You should have seen our website before using the FlatUI framework – we literally experienced a 412% increase in engagement, and 3x increase in conversions since we redesigned the website. Nuff said.

    I don’t have the money to buy the startup design framework, but getting access to it would make my day. I intend to use it to design yet another user centered layout of our website (based on the data that we gathered over several tests) – while I could that using the flatUI, using the startup design framework would save me countless hours of work while letting me focus on what I do better – running tests, and delighting our users!

    Going forward, I intend to use the framework as part of the core product UI to keep the experience consistent between the website and product. We have all the ingredients to succeed but the UI (and the money), and so winning this challenge means a lot to me, and my startup. It would change our fortune quite literally speaking, and I would grateful for that.

    Oh, and last but not the least – winning access to the framework will automatically make me one of your greatest evangelists (heck, I’m already one!) but I’ll go out of my way to tell people about this amazing, amazing framework that you guys have put together!

  10. Mac Chen Jan 1, 10:38 pm

    Greeting to everyone in Designmodo. I’m from KC Data Networks Inc. We are looking for a web framework that could provide user best investment experience and simplify complex financial data presentation. KCDN is working on an interactive group decision personal investment mobile/web App – eyeProphet.

    Personal wealth management is crucial in today’s dynamic economic. We are the 99% who drive the economic growth and lack a share out of it. We were told that “Financial Investment” could only be done by professionals and forgot such market were driven by our money, pension and savings. Doesn’t these big companies are operating by us and we are working inside it?

    Traditionally, financial information is scatter, complex and fragmented. Investors need to spend a lot time to organize information, discover the true meaning behind those odd language and try to make their best possible guess. That’s why we employ financial pro to do this for us. Or for them actually?

    eyeProphet is designed for 99%. Its interactive group decision algorithm could fast profile user’s opinion, feedback and current market action into a simple, but crucial information to every investor. Which to trade? When to trade? What price we should trade? By aggregate user’s feedback, eyeProphet could do near real time speculation and provide user an instant overview of potential direction of market movement.

    Market is simple, investment is easy, only if you know which, when and what price to step in and out.

    Why we join this competition? Why we wish to grant a license of Startup Framework? We like Startup Framework’s simplicity and stackable design. Financial information tend to be complex, tedious, fragmented and absolute dull. These information need to be highly organized and presented in a simple manner. The flexibility and highly customization of Startup Framework could fit our goal for a simple, elegant and easy access financial frontend for eyeProphet users. No one is free if they could not get their personal financial freedom. And that’s the goal of eyeProphet. We build it for 99%.
    Wish we could have this chance to grant a license of Startup Framework. And let’s build a better world for 99% of us.

    eyeProphet Chinese Journal:
    Facebook Chinese Fan Page:

  11. Leland Jan 1, 11:12 pm

    Would love to roll this out for new projects.

  12. Sherry-Ann Jan 2, 8:03 pm

    Happy New Year to all and a successful 2014!

    I am a new designer from the Caribbean who has been trying to get my web designing business off the ground since 2012 after completing my IT degree and several web design courses.

    Its 2014 and I still have not done it. The most I can say is I am fearful that I would not succeed and be able to compete with the numerous veteran designers in the field. In addition to, I often read on blogs of workflows that designers use for their projects. I have no workflow or “true” method when designing. I start with a clean slate and go from there in no particular order, using other sites as inspiration. Thus, I have many template or bogus sites which I have created in an attempt to increase my skills and knowledge.

    I know that obtaining this framework will tremendously assist me with not only improving my skills but give me a sense of reassurance of the method being used and my ability to design and build professional websites.

    More so, it would give me the impetus I need to finally ‘go out” and approach businesses and offer my services, as I would now feel empowered using your Startup Design framework to guide the process. Also, I would finally be able to develop and deploy my personal website since I have been renewing my domain name “saedesignsolutions” for 2 years with no website to show.

    Thanks in advance and cheers from the Caribbean !!

  13. Sergio Jan 3, 4:26 am

    The first time I saw the promotional video of Startup Framework, left me in shock as “Wuaooo”, then I saw the demo, and who brought all the extras license, really guys, if you took the stage that this once this framework is great and takes minimalism to another expression.

    I would use the Startup Framework, in a local project to geolocate businesses and services in a given area and display the results, either to ask for addresses or know more information about the business or service.

    In addition the service has rating system, so they can qualify advertisements and so improve the feedback between client and vendor. Besides the ads via email, facebook circulated, twitter and social networks.

    The system uses google maps, for geolocation is built on php and the idea is to enhance it with the Startup Framework, hopefully win.

    They are great guys, really.

    The project does not even have a website.

    My website:

    Twitter | Facebook: @sergiom23

  14. Melvin F. Pulido Galan Jan 3, 1:25 pm

    Happy new year guys! What a great year 2013 has been for the designers and the developers amoung us. I can’t wait to see what new and more awesome stuff will happen in 2014.

    As a ‘just’ graduated interactive designer (february 2013) I have stepped in the big scary world of design by working under an awesome business-to-business advertising agency based in The Netherlands. I am the webdesigner and front-end developer of the agency and what I’ve experienced at school, my short period glory days as a freelancer and even at the advertising agency; it is hard to build a prototype and give the client a full working view of the project without already building the whole thing.

    This is where the Startup Design Framework of Designmodo will make a good use for it. I see this framework as a great startup of a project and expand it to the needs of the client without taking hours of my time building it. This framework is so awesome that it won’t only save time, but you could easily puzzle the parts together in the way you need it and have a direct experience how it will work in the final fase. This will be a handy feature towards the clients when I will start freelancing aside of my fulltime job.

    I don’t have a specific project for the use of the Startup Design Framework, but I would probably use it as a base for every project. I have the feeling that this framework is perfect as a base for a micro-website, a landingspage of a product and even medium size websites.

    Even though I won’t win this framework, it already is an inspiring tool to me. Thanks guys!

    My portfolio website:
    My tweet:

  15. Simba Russeau Jan 4, 2:28 pm


    Startup Design Framework would allow me to focus on designing my first product and to have a place to show a prototype and engage a community around the idea.

    I’m a multimedia journalist who survived six years of torture and seven years living on the streets. My idea is to create a mobile app for survivours of war, natural disaster, aid workers and individuals living in conflict areas or recovering from conflict. The mobile app would be a bit like a meditation/healing app targeted towards these individuals. the meditations would be in different languages and guided by indigenous shamans that I’ve studied with from over 15 years.

    The idea was born after returning from Libya and Tunisia interviewing refugees and migrant workers. At the time, I was with little money and went into a panick, as always when in this situation, that I would be homeless again. I use Sufi chants to calm myslef during these periods and I thought how I can help people who are always displaced & in a life of uncertainty. Healers Without Borders came about. Using technology to heal and transcend borders.

    I don’t have a link to show the idea, but I hope that you may be interested. Thank you for the opportunity to share.

  16. Devin Rajaram Jan 6, 8:01 am

    Hello all,

    Hope all is well, and happy new year!

    We all know how cumbersome getting a startup to be successful can be. And, it is important to always think positive, while acknowledging the negatives. It’s from those very failures that, when you overcome them, your idea or startup project becomes that more exciting and more successful.

    I’ve had an idea for over a year now, and I’ve finally been able to acquire some resources to get it off the ground, and on the path to launching. I cannot reveal too much details as this may turn out to be something very unique. Let me provide some general information. It will be a resource for all college students that will make their years at their college/university much less stressful. How you ask? Finding rates for books, organizing classes, notes, todos, etc. And the list goes on.

    Why would the design framework be important? It has everything we need to get this project off the ground and ready. Design framework would make it a clean and simple-to-navigate website that would enable students of all ages to grasp the usability of the service. And also, having a beautifully designed website.

    My hopes for this website, in addition to being a great resource, is to also be a help to the community as well. I want to be able to provide students with scholarships, do competitions for prizes, and just giveaways in general. Textbooks, tuition and living expenses are raising every year (take it from yours truly, a college student in my 3rd year), and to provide that support would definitely make a huge difference.

    I hope that the team at Designmodo, as well as the people reading this comment, can see and support this idea I have. Once again, big thanks to Designmodo for giving back to their community! Keep up the amazing work!

    All the best,

  17. Kapil Jan 6, 10:58 pm

    We are a web development company from India, we have a small team of developers, we are specialist in making web applications etc. But we do get clients for website and at times its like we have to let them go because of our designing skills and time it takes.

    Startup kit would be really cool for us, maybe we could really cash up website projects.

    Currently we are working on a website for Internet service provider in Ghana. We have completed the logo and the internet login-control panel for the. Now we are about to work on website for them. So if I could win the startup kit I would create their website with it.

    Here checkout the control panel we developed for them. Its called Frinbox btw.


  18. Ben Jan 8, 4:21 pm

    First off, happy new year! Thanks so much for providing such great frameworks and articles that help the web design community and provide lots of inspiration.

    I would love to have a license for Startup Framework as this would help me reduce my design and development time. Reducing my design and development time would be great as it would enable me to support and work with more emerging startups.

    Being able to help work together with more startups would be really rewarding and fulfilling as I would be able to deliver amazing websites that focus on their goals and blow their expectations away all within a tight budget.

    I really like the idea and the presentation of Startup Framework like you’ve done in the promo video with the printed code blocks.

    If I won a copy of the Startup Framework license I’d definitely print out the website ‘building blocks’ and work together with the client to get the website vision and aim of the startup clear in the design.

    Being able to assemble the website in collaboration with the client in real time would make the client feel like they’re involved in the web design process. Working with the client at such an early stage would create a much better working relationship too.

    The aim of my startup is to help professional musicians better manage their muscular pain issues. It’s been identified that there is a lack of muscular management options, education and resources for professional musicians who really need to look after their hands. They need warming up and cool exercises etc for when they’re performing at such a high level (e.g. professional classical musicians).

    I want to work in collaboration with researchers within the universities in Australia, professional musicians and other health professional bodies to ensure that I can provide evidence-based content, exercises, tips, videos and more that can really help provide muscular management support for such a niche target audience.

    I believe Startup Framework would really help me deliver a focused, engaging and accessible website. I could collaborate with professionals earlier on in the web design process and focus on the best way deliver the content rather then have to spend a lot more time in isolation designing and coding the startup.

    I am really excited for this project as I have been playing bass for 10 years+ and am really passionate about being able to give back to the music industry in any way possible.

    Lastly, here’s the links to where I have posted up the comp:



  19. Rai Sajid Jan 8, 5:42 pm

    Hi, I hope everyone is fine and enjoying good health (^_^)
    I’m working on my project for almost 2 years. why? because I’m designer but don’t know css and html, and at the same time don’t have that much money to pay someone to develop it… recently i find a programmer who is working on my project. you can see the coming soon page here .

    My idea is about entertainment networking site in which i’m showing 4 major entertainment categories 1- movies, 2- tv shows, 3-games, 4-Anime. the idea is all latest information about these four categories. users can share their favorite movies to their friends… users can track things which they have seen and which they want to see in the future… what their friends are watching and suggesting.Its not the whole idea but i’m going to tell you one major feature.. it is called epic cinema… this feature will allow the users to see tv shows with their Friends.. and they all will watch the same show from their houses.. at the same time they can chat through IM and also through video chat.

    Soon we are going to start a kick starter project for funding because we need to purchase License from rovi corporation.

    I researched about related niche and try to figured out what my competitors don’t have and what users are looking for and i’m hoping we will do our best to provide the things which users want in an entertainment site.

    Website is being developed in ROR.

    I need startup framEwork because i have so many things to design for my project and as i told that i don’t know html and css.. so for this i have to hired someone.. IF by any chance i win this competition then i hope all my problems related to coding will be solved.

    Finally after two years of struggle i’m seeing my project live… and i’m very happy.

    Have a nice day everyone (^_^)


  20. Rai Sajid Jan 8, 5:48 pm

    Also i liked this competition on Facebook and also made a tweet. and Hope that i fulfilled all requirements.

  21. Daniel Gomez Jan 9, 3:31 am

    When I think in the important things that people everyday thinks and needs write I see that people can use any piece of paper, post-it or in the digital world can use any app of notes. But your ideas, to-dos, lists, notes, reminders, web pages or any thing are very important for they and is not possible write in any app or piece of paper.

    The people need the right option to compose your notes, attach pictures, audios, places or people, assign a description, color or style. And can order in the precise way in that people needed and share on the web, by mail or message.

    This is the purpose of my first software for my startup “Inpulsic” and has the name of “DailyType”. DailyType is a beautiful and innovative way to remember notes, to-dos, people, places and other important things for mobile users across the cloud. Starting with iOS & Mac Apps and extensions for browsers available in March, DailyType is the perfect room for store your daily stuff.

    I need startup framework because is the perfect way for show why you need DailyType in everyday video and show the complete features of my app. Inpulsic is a innovation-focused creative startup company that creates revolutionary digital experiences through technology that changes the world. We believe in the power of the people, the power to generate valuable content and share important things of your life having in mind that is very important bring the best user experience in each app.

    For this is that we started creating DailyType.
    And we need a perfect canvas for explain our idea, our manifesto, our philosophy, and show what is and how DailyType will be the center of the ideas of the people and this canvas only can be the startup framework.

  22. Alex Jan 9, 7:01 pm

    Hello, happy holidays everyone!

    We are building something very special — A great tool for photographers, their clients and print-labs. It will be a full featured infrastructure for photo-businesses, photographers, common people who use their services and simply those who are fond of photography.

    We are using cutting edge technologies to let everyone work productively and on any devices, to make it a real ‘App’.

    After exploring what exists and what doesn’t, proud to tell that there is no all-in-one
    solution similar to ours right now. So I won’t get into details yet.
    Going to start small with part of the project, which fulfill only some needs.

    I’d like to use your framework for an amazing promo-page, describing the project.

    Thank you,

  23. rocketpunch Jan 9, 7:05 pm

    This is a brilliant framework and i would definitely like to use it on my future project. I think i reached the point in my life where i should seriously try the freelancer path, long years of 9 to 5 company work has left me quite burned out and in need of a creative boost but lacking a proprietary work portfolio. Ironically, the financial crisis might take the decision for me because the future of the company i’m currently working for is quite uncertain. It would be the right time, if is there something as a right time for anything anyway, to try new ways and maybe team up with good people i’ve met over the years to share the challenge.

  24. Whallet Jan 10, 2:15 pm

    Whallet is a rising project based on Mobile and Web App for manage the personal finance.

    At the moment we have more than 50,000 users managing their finances with our little whale in all over the world.

    It would great to win the suscription because we don’t have any budget for design and we did everything by our own without investors. We think is very important to have the best good looking we can have but without money it’s very difficult.

    I’m the CEO and I don’t know about framework and those stuff, but I know the Whallet would be better with all the you can provide us. So please we need it!!!!

    Thanks a lot and happy 2014 :)

  25. Fotis Jan 10, 2:33 pm

    One man standing alone, freelancing isn’t easy nowadays. Startup is a major framework for professionals all over the world. I have many projects in mind, i need the right tools to succeed.
    Giving back to the community is the way to go. Thanks designmodo you provide us the future!

  26. Niko Karppinen Jan 10, 2:51 pm

    We are developing an new free to use tool for small businesses for financing.
    Startup design allows us to focus more on the product itself and making it as great as we can possible make it without sacrificing quality of promotion, meaning look of the website it will be available to download.

    We are 3 hopefully noble students who would like to show their skills and have a change to make something that many small businesses need and deserve.

    Thank you.

  27. Herriwanglai Jan 10, 3:49 pm

    Thank you Designmodo for providing Startup Design Framework, not only for sharing the free PSD, but also give us a chance to win the framework!

    We have been working on a social travel destination, this idea actually comes from our holiday trip to Boracay. We find it hard to find best attraction in a single place. We would jump through several travel blog and TripAdvisor to actually find and plan perfect trip.

    What we’re trying to solve is to build a hub for social travel where people can share and upvote their best destination, such as if you visit Boracay, you wouldn’t want to miss cliff jumping at Ariel Point!

    We also integrate it with FourSquare vendor API to provide best restaurant and coffee-shop nearby, and show Instagram photo available in the location, which we see as a personal touch to overall experience.

    We are trying to made it ease and skimmable while provide essential knowledge to our visitor that TripAdvisor seems to lack of.
    We believe this curated and personal experience will help people like us decide the best trip.

    I’m happy to say that we already use Startup Design Framework PSD file to help structuring our overall design and excited when we found out that the PSD file provide more than enough structure guideline that we skip wireframing almost entirely(with some added block).

    I believe Startup Framework License would be helpful for our workflow and remove our barrier of time and effort to succeed our idea (as it is intended).


    Twitter :

  28. tomas gabris Jan 10, 5:00 pm

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity to get your framework. Reason why we would like to win it is that we are trying to make websites which are helping people to get off their asses and live healthy and productive live. Those pages must be not only inspirational and motivational but also beautiful. Because those lazy bastards wont care if they dont like the design.

    So help us to make those beautiful sites so people can find enough motivation to get out of their couches !

    Thanks !

  29. Supreme Factory Jan 10, 7:43 pm

    First thank you for your support!

    Here is our idea of the startup that will supports the artists by connecting them with event more artists and our big partners from the Art Business we been working with past decade.


    An internet community portal committed to artists or everyone who feels like, a creative network for productive artists but also a place for supporters.

    Main goal is to take that “free willed” paying system, seen on streets where a person passing the artist can reward him for his work, and translate it to this internet. Another form of busking will also be analogically applied to this community portal – “Pass the Hat” – very old way of making money and connections as an artist. We would like to use that “Pass the Hat” principle and as a new approach for connecting people on the internet.

    Members of this can be either an Artists (Buskers) or pledgers (Clubs, Festivals, Fondations, Medias…) where artists will have opportunity to make their own Profile with projects. After logging, one can present himself in adequate way using possibilities given on BUSKHAT – embed all kinds of media, write a short bio, invite other Artists to join the project, design a custom PLACE from templates and shortcodes, all using WordPress.

    Artists (Buskers) will have an opportunity to collaborate with other artist and develop better art. If some music group needs a music video, that these artist will connect and make a plan for the music video witch will be supported by some our our partners and other pledgers.

    Pledgers will have an opportunity to support the projects, book the artists…

    Art (Crowd) Funding possibility will be integrated “under the hood” in a similar construction found on other crowd funding websites: REWARD, APPLAUD, COLLABORATE, PASS THE HAT…
    A possible list of Artists: musicians, painters, dancers, mime artists, crafts artists, street performers, circus performers, graffiti artists, conceptual artists, other artists and performers.


    Hope you like it.

    Supreme Team

  30. Dev Vandal Jan 10, 8:52 pm

    I am both the developer and designer for application UI, web design, mobile apps. I have the strong passion and innate dedication to deliver the great user experience among my clients. With the increasing demand of great UX design, I am overwhelmed to balance the quality and quantity of my works.

    With StartUp Framework, I can accelerate my productivity without compromising the design quality. The framework is much comprehensive than other UI Kit I found, with the quality HTML markup and bulletproof UI controls, could definitely make my life easier and better.

    Beside my daily works, StartUp Framework can help me to build for my own future. I prepare to start my 3 companies. I desperately need something fast and fancy to build my websites, my mobile apps, my web apps and my daily project assignments. I believe acting fast is the crucial factor to success in the highly competitive environment. With the help with StartUp Framework, I can spend time on re-imagine the whole picture, rather than struggling with the naughty coding all day long.

    The first app I want to build is a Social Collaborative Locator, facilitate the users to mark their own Point of Interest (POI) on the maps, annotate with additional metadata, tags and even photos, share the POI to other users. The data collected with be published as the Open API, which further enable other mobile apps / web apps to retrieve critical geo information that are not available on Google Maps.

  31. Aman Jan 10, 11:16 pm

    Last year’s problem should not roam around in today’s world with a diplomatic immunity (free from any and all confrontation), especially if it is hurting us even now as we speak. Though the problem may be in hindsight. However, problems present in the form of challenges. Therefore they should be addressed with the greatest intensity of our intelligence at the presence of the strongest will power.

    Technology and co-operation from great minds (who think alike) can address these existing problems and help us challenge these tormenting issues systematically. This combination filled with determination can help us get rid of them for good or to the very least help us mitigate the damages done so far.

    To contrast I would like to point one other issue, that is, technology is a medium of redemption, but this tool can turn into a very ugly being. So various effects generated by the improper use of technology should also be cured so that we could advance ever so smoothly.

    Usually by addressing problems that surround in the technical world(especially in the internet) and also in reality, I start a project. The one that vexes me the most goes to the top of the priority list to be finished. Then as fast as possible within a deadline accomplishing the project in a sustainable manner.

    The project currently I am working on and for which I truly feel I should be connected with Startup Framework is an multidimensional career asset learning system integrated with real-life problem solving. This system will enable us to be great learners and help us feel learning just like breathing or blinking eyes or just a hobby – basic things we do as we are alive without even realizing that we are giving effort into it.

    Startup Framework would just allow me to connect with many great minds who will help me bring this project to life. This project if done correctly and systematically may forever create a superior education system and henceforth alter the idea how we perceive education. I like to get things done by asking one question – HOW? – using the Startup Framework License I can share my knowledge, passion and vision to amplify the intensity of intelligence required to accomplish this task.

    Technology will one day challenge us to dream till then we should try together to fight the good fight.

  32. Nowly Jan 11, 2:19 am

    Hello all,

    We believe that all the most great things were born thanks to meetings and collaborations. A project in which each participant share his own know-how with passion and ambition.

    And we develop Nowly with this way of thinking. Nowly is a global project where we offer users the opportunity to publicly share their free time and meet themselves into the present moment or in the future.

    A new way of life where it would be easier to meet his friends available for share an activity or meet new people who shareHello all,

    We believe that all the most great things were born thanks to meetings and collaborations. A project in which each participant share his own know-how with passion and ambition.

    And we develop Nowly with this way of thinking. Nowly is a global project where we offer users the opportunity to publicly share their free time and meet themselves into the present moment or in the future.

    A new way of life where it would be easier to meet his friends available for sharing an activity or meet new people who share the same interests.

    For example a skater group of friends could simply indicate where and when to meet up to go skateboarding together, street artists too in order not to change the urban landscape alone and the Art Directors Club of Brooklyn for a coffee and discuss the latest trends …

    First as a mobile application, Nowly is the successor to the social web ??
    Based on differents APIs for a fast, efficient and functional development, Startup Design Framework would be a huge opportunity for us to have a website matching the project : elegant, simple and intuitive.
    It would be the best way for us to focus on our main objective : reconnect people in real life.

    Hoping our project will interest you.

    In any case thank you for the opportunity!

  33. rossomaha Jan 11, 3:52 am


    In today’s world, much depends on the news. From stock prices and finishing the attitude of people. I have always believed in the power of citizen journalism and what news can make not only the media, but also ordinary people. Already a year my friend and me create a site Reposter (, which will help everyone to try to become a real journalist.

    The idea came up in the university. As planned, the author of the news could be any person who witnessed the event. In the last year (2011) I studied in detail Twitter (for my diploma work) and saw many examples when people microblog quickly react to events faster than the media and become the primary sources of information. Now almost all media cite social networks, finding in them as official comments, as well as vox populi. The basis of my startup – use all possible sources to inform people.

    I think that a startup and get the English version and users will be able to read the news in one place The New York Times and Twitter of Lady Gaga. As a whole the project called? It is something between a news aggregator and blog platforms. In addition, the site made ​​for a pleasant and comfortable reading news on any topic. It is based on tags (any word) by which the user can subscribe.

    Site placed on its own engine and is almost ready to starting. However, it lacks the landing page, and I very much hope that the excellent set Startup Design Framework will help me to create it. By the way a site is the professional version FLAT UI, so that I no longer am your customer. Thank you!

    Twitter –
    Facebook –

  34. Adrian Jan 15, 1:09 am

    The winner of Startup Framework is Fisher Yu –

    An article and interview about this project coming soon!

    • Devin Rajaram Jan 15, 1:17 am

      Congratulations! I hope the license pushes your project far and brings you success. For everyone else, let’s start saving up :)

      • Fisher Yu Jan 15, 7:26 am

        So many thanks for the Designmodo team and Startup Framework. We believe it can help us to build a better solution. Let’s rock the world.

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