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Free and Premium New HTML Email Newsletter Templates


Email Marketing has gained significant popularity over the last few years and sending emails to prospective customers in the form of newsletters could be one of the best ways to advertise your products and services on the internet. There are several websites online that offer free and premium HTML email newsletter templates and you can easily download them.

There are email newsletters available on various topics and you need to be careful in choosing the right one that suits your website and also make sure it is quite interesting and informative to the reader.

Most of the newsletters sent to the customers are usually deleted or thrown out to the junk mailbox since these do not offer the information in the right manner to the viewers. Therefore, the templates that you choose must be quite attractive and appealing to the customers and must satisfy their requirements.

It could be a challenging task to choose the right one from the thousands of templates available on the web but with patience and appropriate research, you could get the best HTML email newsletters for internet marketing. There are certain important characteristics that each newsletter should possess in order to win the customer’s heart.

Important characteristics of Email Newsletters:

  • Informative and Interesting to the reader
  • Sells the idea of the product and not the product itself
  • Well designed so that easy to read and understand
  • Feature good navigation tools and should contain appropriate links
  • Easily distinguishable from other advertisements or sponsored contents
  • Contains a logo that is visible
  • Offers multiple ways for communication
  • Contains feedback form

All you need to do is to choose the template and need to add your logo, content articles and other graphical elements to make it more interesting.

Before choosing the template, first decide how many pages you would require, about the headings and sub headings, space required for photos or videos and for other galleries. The overall look of the email newsletters largely depend on how you customize it based on your requirements.

The background that you choose for your template must not distract the viewers and avoid using too much of graphical elements. Positioning of the layout is as important as the design in the HTML email newsletter templates because people always judge by the way it looks. The logo should be placed in the left corner on the top of the email so that it can be easily seen in the preview pane. A poorly designed newsletter may be ignored by most of the viewers as it may not appear interesting and attractive. Make sure the content is short and easily understandable by the viewers.

Personalization and simple segmentation is more important in the templates since the email newsletters should be relevant and targeted based on the interest of the recipient. However choosing the right newsletter template could boost up your sales and also can improve your online reputation. At the same time, whether it is free or premium templates, it is important to choose an email newsletter that is unique and professional.

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Generally, HTML email newsletter templates are quite elegant and professional and because of which these are extremely popular among most of the internet marketers and subscribers. Keep the above mentioned tips in mind before choosing the email newsletter templates from the online websites.

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