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Package designing is an easy step to get the attention of customers to your products that are launched in the market. Packaging of any product must be beautiful and functional especially when you need to give an idea about the product for which the entire packaging is done.

Premium Packaging design templates are considered to be one best graphic designs. Thanks to some extremely important information related to products that it contains, this sales tool is becoming increasingly popular day by day.

With the proportionate use of color, illustration, typography and with the use of different packaging materials, backed by an attractive as well as creative packaging, the tool can undoubtedly boost up the selling rate of a product. To get free and premium package designing template, there are ample websites featuring different types of premium package designs which will surely inspire the user.

Packaging design has been one of the most important factors to sell out a product for several decades. Packaging companies get in touch with market so as to attract buyers who are the ultimate consumers of the product. And proper packaging also protects products from damage. There are various type of package designs in market such as whole sale packaging, beverage packaging, music CD packaging, retail packaging etc.

Interesting Facts About Packaging Design

In general, an attractive packaging always lures the consumers into purchasing a particular product. Designers are also recently thinking to make their products as attractive as possible to the consumers and hence they are taking extra care on the simplicity, bright colors, creative patterns, catchy phrases, interesting shape etc when designing the packages.

When a producer decides to launch new products in market they try to get the best packaging design company featuring some of the finest packaging designs. Innovative shapes and functional packaging construction are the two essential elements that exactly help the producer to draw customer’s eye.

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While a producer plans to create a catchy product design for his or her product, the only thing that is needed to be taken into account is to a proper research on the product. Proper product research is the key to get success in packaging design. There are many websites offering great options of free  package designing and all you need to do is to choose the packaging style that fits both your demand as well as pocket.

Once you have filled up the details you are very much free to choose and get use of it. You can also get use of package designing for the products by consuming it from the designers at a particular cost. It is essential for you to have a contract draft with the designers duly verified by an experienced lawyer to get yourself protected from any deceptive activities.

Thus in a nutshell it can be said that premium package designs are becoming much more demanding for the manufacturers who wants to get an appealing look of their product cover. With the passage of time, more such free down loadable package designs are going to hit the internet sites to serve those users who really need them to fulfill their ultimate need.

Free Packaging Design Templates

Stylish Coffee Cup

The skin meets the industry. It goes for a three-tone coloring (black, brown and beige) that is widely associated with the beloved morning drink. Although at first, it seems that the pattern used for the background that features devices and stationery items does not fit at all; however, in such a way the artist puts numerous professions under the same roof, demonstrating the popularity of the brew.

Shampoo Advertisement

The concept looks bright, fresh and energetic. Garish color palette and professionally treated renderings of oranges express positive emotions. The template oozes with naturalness. The content is neatly laid out so that all the relevant information strikes the eye. What’s more, you can craft the same artwork at home; just visit the official page that has a tutorial. It describes the routine of creating it from scratch.

Chocolate Packaging Box

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Like the majority of this type of products, it chooses a color palette that is unobtrusively related to the chocolate. The author skillfully manipulates with brown, creamy, and dark tones. Subtle geometric pattern serves as an excellent background. It delicately prettifies the overall look and does not distract the attention from yummy image of truffles placed in the center. The official page consists of a helpful walkthrough that explains how to make this theme.

Milk Carton

Milk Carton has an illustrated design that produces a friendly aesthetics. There are a funny cow and milk drips that decorate the top of the box. The typography also has an original nature that nicely blends with the composition. The predominant two-tone coloring that is based on blue and white exudes an image of perfection and trust.

Design a 6 Panel CD Package

The package magnetizes with surreal scenes that radiate of artistry and ingenuity. Natural motifs are prevailing. The content carefully overlays the picturesque image backdrop, looking sharp and clean. Elegant textures and subtle effects bring depth into the design.

Premium Packaging Design Templates

Treat Box

Treat Box is up to giving an edge to the appetite. The theme has a sweet and delicious appearance. Traditional pattern for this area in tandem with calm and soft pastel coloring achieves an outstanding result. Ice-cream illustration strengthens the effect. What’s more, this die-cut shape is pretty universal: you can easily customize it through Illustrator, edit the coloring and graphics, and add your data.

House Box Template

House Box Template will please you with its powerful Halloween spirit. You do not need to modify it, except for changing the default text, since the coloring and graphics satisfy the mood of the feast of All Hallows’ Day. It has a print dimension of 8.5x 11 inches and offers two formats (AI and EPS) that are fully resizable. Moreover, it is quite easy to construct.

Christmas Box Template

Thanks to gorgeous blue shade the packaging gets a luxury appeal that is inherent to Tiffany stores. Nevertheless, if you need some classic and modest skins, then you can choose among another two options that are based on green and red. The template has

  • 3508 X 4961 pixels print dimension;
  • 300 dpi resolution;
  • CMYK color mode;
  • three file formats (PSD, JPEG, and TIFF);
  • three versions;
  • a supporting video that instructs how to mount it.

Premium Packaging Products

This original die-cut shape lets you construct a multifunctional box with the geometric vibe and nice skin. The latter comes in three options (orange, red and fuchsia). It is fully customizable and has a super 300 dpi resolution. The design covers not only content but also barcode, the place for showing off the product and even the nutrition table. It is delivered in four formats: PSD, AI, EPS, and PDF.

Lucky Draw Box Template

Lucky Draw Box Template ships in two main themes. The first one is dark and the second one is light. It is a classic die-cut shape that forms a standard square box with a lid on the top. With a medium size (37×26 cm) it is applicable for various purposes.  It is available only in EPS file that can be modified through any image editor.

Reggae Style – CD Cover Template

Reggae Style – CD Cover Template is bursting with an overwhelming music vibe. It comes in just one coloring, green, yet thanks to PSD file you are free to opt for any color you like. It is ready to print and supplies users with two files, covering front and back sides. The print dimensions are standard (4.8×9.6 inches).

Build A Reindeer Holiday Gift Box Template

This wonderful die-cut template that can be printed on any device right away will solve all your issues concerning Christmas wrapping. The box has a distinctive Yuletide allure and celebratory feeling. It is made in a complementary color scheme and features the beloved cartoon character. The file includes

  • template with 8.5×11 inches dimension;
  • background image;
  • graphics;
  • PDF version;
  • ‘Happy Holiday’ placard on the side.

To edit it you will need InDesign program.


Packaging design can be compared with the makeup on the face. It revamps the ‘shell’ of the product making it shine with new colors, hides flaws and delivers the so vital first impression that either can win over or scare away potential customers. It should be relevant, modern, stylish and eye-catching as well as comply with the concept’s purpose. The listed above samples satisfy all the criteria: each one matches the theme, reflects the idea quite well and stays away from boring and insipid designs.

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