40 Vintage (Retro) Advertisements for Inspiration

A “Vintage” normally refers to items that are at least 25 years old and especially the vintage advertisements of the 1950’s and 60’s are the most pleasing of all. It had an incredible typography and layout which attracted the attention …

65+ Awesome Free Textures for Designers


65+ Awesome Free Textures for Designers

A texture usually depicts the background images of a web design which should be memorable and touchable. The high-quality textures give an appealing look to the website. These free textures are designed for various purposes such as for icons, illustrations, …

Animated Presentations Made Easy

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Teaming Up with Google Places to Dominate Your Local Listing

Google Places

For business owners, especially restaurants and local, single-location businesses and shops, making sure they are found in Google’s local search results is a critical element in the success, survival, and growth of their businesses. But with so many different options …

Cars, Trucks and Vans Logo Design Examples

Logo plays a crucial role in building image or impression of any company/organization and even a product. It’s because of this that a need is felt to create attractive logos for cars, trucks and vans too. The designers have to …

20+ Eco Friendly Recycled Paper Business Cards


Eco Friendly Recycled Paper Business Cards

Our present world is threatened by an important environmental issue known as the Global warming. Thus, many businesses are turning green and one among them is printing eco-friendly business cards. These cards play an important role in communicating about your …

Minimalist Artworks Based on Typography


Minimalist Artworks Based on Typography

So, this is a series of typography book titles. Some of you might recognize the manner from the previous movie poster series posted here on DesignModo in May. I was asked to design this as an advertising campaign for Jashanmal …

Typography: Anatomy of a Letterform


The Anatomy of a Letterform

Understanding the fundamental principles and concepts of typography is the first step to being a successful typographer. The most basic component of typography is the letter, and each letter of the alphabet is distinguished by its unique shape, or letterform. …

Adobe Muse – Makes Website Creation Easy

Adobe Muse - Makes Website Creation Easy & Free

In order to create HTML websites the traditional designers can make use of the tool Adobe Muse (now in beta) without dealing with code. In a few words, if your time is consumed in Design and Photoshop then you continue …

What a Web Designer Should Learn from Steve Jobs

What a web designer should learn from Steve Jobs

Recently, Steve Jobs announced that he has given up the CEO position from Apple but many people didn’t notice that he said he will continue to work in the company, believing that Steve Jobs have quit his soul project. I …

Best Premium eBooks For Freelancers, Designers And Web Developers


Best Premium eBooks For Freelancers, Designers And Web Developers

Books are the best friends for life! The more you read, the better your knowledge grows and becomes sharp. And since web designers and developers have to work within a competitive space, reading books for new ideas and their execution …

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