Ultimate Collection of Best Premium WordPress Themes


As WordPress is rapidly gaining more and more points to its track record as a blogging platform, many designers are working hard to introduce new stunning themes to any taste and type of business. We have gathered the most interesting …

SEO Checklist for Web Designing

Domain Name – Your domain name should be brandable (example: Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, etc.), easy to say, and even easier to remember. Don’t worry too much about stuffing keywords into your domain name. Keywords in domain names no longer have …

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New Amazing Halloween Wallpapers


We all love the wallpapers, because they always come in handy, and you will always find a wallpaper to express their feelings or mood. I know some of my friends who constantly change their desktop wallpaper on an almost daily …

20+ Creative Examples of Vintage and Retro in Web Design


20+ Creative Examples of Vintage and Retro in Web Design

I have always considered vintage stuff really classy that can really give you that feeling of good old times – never ending up to be boring or unwanted. It is incredible that some “old things” can surprise several generations and …

Top 5 Admin Skins Site Themes (Templates)


Top 5 Admin Skins Site Themes (Templates)

A modern and user-friendly administrative interface is key to the success of Web applications. Order a web-based user interface administrator usually cost a fortune. Here we have collected the following 5 Professional Web Administrative Templates. Admin Skins Site Themes (Templates) …

6 Halloween (Pumpkin) Logo Design to be Inspired

Thoughtful design of the logo can be effectively used a simple icon to leave a deep enough impression on the public. A memorable logo is always a plus if someone wants to provide for the first time visitors to their …

Great works of graphic designer Carlos Carvalhar

Carlos Carvalhar is a graphic designer in Brazil and he has been working with online and offline projects for 10 years. He likes to work with colourful design and expressive shapes to create a cheerful work. He’s also engaged with …

An Amazing Collection Of Free Photoshop Grunge Brushes


Free Photoshop Grunge Brushes

“Brushes are the designer’s best friend, particularly web designers who don’t illustrate graphics much.” – and this goes particularly for Photoshop brushes. These are amazing for almost anything from retouching your photos to creating amazing pieces of artwork. Once you …

WideScreen Civil Aircraft – Wallpapers

A collection of the great WideScreen Civil Aircraft to put brighten up your desktop. Amazing Aircraft Wallpapers. Aircraft Wallpapers

10 Amazing HTML5 Media Player Implementations (Inspiration)

HTML is the markup language that makes up every page on the web. The newest version, HTML5, includes specifications for a video tag, that is meant to allow website developers to add a video to a page the same way …

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