Kevin Roodhorst – Amazing Graphic Works

Kevin Roodhorst is 20 year old self taught graphic designer from Holland with 6 years of experience. Kevin following a graphic design education in Amsterdam, when him finished that him want to work for an advertising agency or putting more …

Awesome Infographics Inspiration, Creative Examples


There are numerous ways to present information: your choice depends on the media where it’s supposed to appear and on the audience. Text works almost for all situations but if you want to be really effective, then you should think …

Animated Presentations Made Easy

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40+ Examples of Big Backgrounds in Web Design


Examples of Big Backgrounds in Web Design

Trends in web design come and go and change with the wind. What seems to be popular today might not be so appealing tomorrow. Designers should always keep up with this rhythm. In the end they are the ones who …

Takashi Murakami – the Post-pop Sensation

As a child Takashi dreamed about drawing cartoons being inspired by the most influential cartoon companies at the time – Walt Disney and Lucasfilm. Today he works in both fine arts media, such as painting, as well as digital and …

Collection of Creative and High Quality Typography Fonts, Better Typography Designs


To make your publication more attractive and distinguished, you should have recourse to the help of different stylist typography fonts. Today, there exists a real abundance of all sorts of fonts. They will help you to diversify and beautify you …

5 Free Business Card PSD’s for our Readers

5 Business Card PSD's for our Readers

Dear readers, we would like to thank you for being with us day-by-day. You are real contributors to our inspiration – as we are to yours hopefully. We would like you to know that it is great that you are …

Experience the Art of Painting with BrushLovers

Experience the Art of Painting with BrushLovers

“I love brushes” – this logo can be seen on the main page of an original innovative internet project for designers. These three simple words reveal the essence of BrushLovers, that is to say a huge collection of original decorative …

Romain Laurent’s New Advertising Prints

French photographer and designer Romain Laurent makes his masterpieces of photos, digital postproduction, humor and unrestrained imagination. He added to his portfolio the new photo-series which is the exquisite work of art. I suppose, that fresh original photos, interesting ideas …

16 Useful jQuery Plugins & Tutorials to Integrate Twitter into Website/Blog

16 Useful jQuery Plugins & Tutorials to Integrate Twitter into Website/Blog

Twitter is one of the most popular and prevailed social network all over the world for communication and discussions online. Twitter is powerful on its own, so to integrate Twitter into website or blog means to make your site even …

Amazing Collection of Exclusive Free Photoshop Christmas Brushes


The demand for high quality Photoshop brushes are huge, every designer needs them. The problem may be that there are far too many of them, resulting in it is nearly impossible to find that particular brush that your design needs. …

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