Mood Boards for Product Designers

Mood Boards for Product Designers

Most designers know that wireframing and prototyping are essential parts of the design process. Without prototyping, your chances of creating good design are almost nil. To craft a proper prototype, designers need to spend time ideating. Designers have a lot …

Free Black Friday HTML Email Newsletter Template

Free Black Friday HTML Email Newsletter [Template for Download]

We have a fantastic Black Friday free HTML email newsletter template to inform your subscribers about exclusive deals in a stylish way. Just as shops and malls are getting dressed on the eve of the holiday, digital vendors and online …

Animated Presentations Made Easy

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The Short History of Website Building [Infographic]


The Short History of Website Building [Infographic]

Website design has come a long way in a relatively short time. From zeros and ones to lines of code to intuitive website builders, designing for the web has become more accessible. But how did it all evolve? From significant …

How Taught Me to Value Users

How Teached Me to Value My Users

One of my favorite tools in my API toolkit is This REST API transforms raw IP data to valuable sets of information. The service automates IP address validation and geolocation lookup and offers more than 45 data references per …

Playful Physics – Liquid in Web Design

Playful Physics - Liquid in Web Design

Physics explains things around us. Whether it is a natural phenomenon or a device created by humankind, physics is the theory behind why it works. Despite being one of the oldest fundamental science disciplines, it is something that not everyone …

The Economist Redesign Does It Right

The Economist Redesign Does It Right

It’s been decades since one of the oldest news magazines in the world has looked different. That all changed in October when The Economist launched a redesign that freshens up the look of the news and makes it easier to …

Postcards – Responsive Email Templates Builder [Full Overview Video]

Postcards - Responsive Email Templates Builder [Full Overview]

Postcards is used to create beautiful emails or newsletters HTML templates in minutes with drag and drop features and ready-made modules. You can create professional emails super fast without having any knowledge of code!

Best Tools for Code Collaboration


Collaboration Tools Intro

According to Forbes, 50 percent of Americans will work as independent contractors by 2027. Many tend to downplay freelancing as pertaining to only small-scale or personal projects and dismiss the implication and economic sustainability of freelancing. Independent contractors are not …

Web Designers, Eliminate These Design Pains Before They Kill Your Productivity


Every job can have its ups and downs. Yet, it seems that this is especially true for those brave souls who decide to be web designers. Constantly experiencing the highs of new projects and displaying their masterpieces to the world. …

Motion Design in Digital Experiences of the Future

Artificial Intelligence UI design

When designers create products, they tell stories to users. Designers have a lot of tools to make a story more interesting. Motion design is one of the most powerful tools designers have. The true power of motion can be seen …

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