TypeScript 2.7 Released

TypeScript 2.7 released

TypeScript, the programming language that brings optional static types to JavaScript by building on JavaScript itself, just got upgraded to TypeScript 2.7. If you are not familiar with TypeScript, have a look at this post we wrote a few months …

WordPress 4.9.3 is Delayed; WooCommerce 3.3 Ready to Roll

Initially scheduled for Jan. 30, the release of WordPress 4.9.3 was rescheduled for Feb. 5. A delayed RC and, subsequently, a short testing window are the reason behind this delay. Stability is a critical element of the WordPress ecosystem, so …

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Free Cryptocurrency Icon Packs

Free Cryptocurrency Icons Packs

Some say it is a universal fraud, nothing more than hype; others consider it to be not just our future but already our present. Whether you like it or not, cryptocurrency has become a part of our life. So, in …

New Web Developer’s tool for hassle-free coding – Wix Code

Web Developers Have a New Playground with Wix Code

Do you love the design and convenience of a website builder, but sometimes feel the lack of control? Web developers, Wix Code is for you. The new tool combines the design of a website builder and quick start-up time with …

Designmodo Coupon Code – 15% Off! Active Discount

Summer Discount on Designmodo – 50% Off!

15% Off Designmodo Shop & Market This page contains an active discount code for Designmodo products and the Designmodo Market. To get the 15% discount, use coupon code 15FLASH during checkout. This code is officially created by Designmodo for all customers, so …

Web Design Trends to Try in 2018

Web Design Trends to Try in 2018

Another year brings another set of design trends to the web. It seems like these trends are constantly advancing and while prior trends are still here, many new ones are ripe for the taking. For this post, I’ve organized my picks for …

Winter Sale on Designmodo, 40% OFF!

Got the winter blues? Let’s think forward to the end of winter with a 40% discount on all our products, including everything in the Designmodo Market! Use coupon code WINTER to save 40%. Add any (or all) of the goodies from …

Create Landing Page in 2 Days  –  Overview of Slides by Designmodo

Create Landing Page in 2 Days  -  Overview of Slides by Designmodo

As you may know, Slides Framework is our flagship in the website framework lineup. It is a professional product with a bunch of helpful features. You can literally build a website in minutes without delving deep into the code. It …

10 Smallest & Fastest Frontend Web Dev Frameworks

10 Smallest & Fastest Frontend Web Dev Frameworks

If you search in Google you’ll find dozens of handy tools for improving your website’s performance. And there’s so much you can do from optimizing images to setting up your own CDN. But here’s one thing few designers think about: optimizing your …

Website Performance Guide for Beginners: Tips to Optimize Your Load Time

Website Performance Guide for Beginners: Tips to Optimize Your Load Time

A fast website is the quickest way to increase user engagement. Your total page load time affects your site’s UX and your position in Google too. So what can you do to improve page speed and reduce lengthy load times? Well, a …

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