11 Free jQuery Notification Message Plugins for Websites

On-screen notifications have countless uses. They can share updates, marketing messages, or push info to new users who sign up to a website. Notification message started with desktop OS’ but they’ve since been ported to the web with some great …

Optimize Conversions with GetSiteControl

GetSiteControl Logo Composition

GetSiteControl is a web-based solution that can help you increase website engagement. The tool allows anyone to quickly add widgets such as subscription forms, contact forms, chat widgets, social media integration and more to their websites. Launched in 2014, the tool …

Animated Presentations Made Easy

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Design Tips for Mobile Checkout Screens

Design Tips for Mobile Checkout Screens

Designing your site for a better conversion rate is a guaranteed way to increase sales. But you also need to consider general UX principles for your online shop, and this goes double for mobile users. The majority of Internet traffic is now …

So, you’re a designer. Are You Ready For The Fourth Industrial Revolution?

So, you're a designer. Are You Ready For The Fourth Industrial Revolution?

It appears that the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” has arrived. A recent study by Edelman Intelligence states freelancers are already feeling the impact. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the technologies that affect jobs market. But the growth of AI and …

14 Bad Ad Policies That Will Get You Blacklisted in Chrome

Google introduces ad-blocker in Chrome

Google’s web browser, Chrome, now blocks ads by default. Why would Google block ads? Well, taking into account that more people are becoming increasingly aware of ad-blocking options, it was only a matter of time until Google had to do …

Introducing Postcards, Email Template Builder

Introducing Postcards, Email Template Builder

Using Postcards, you can create beautiful emails/newsletters in minutes with drag and drop features and ready-made modules. Generated and exported emails are optimized for most popular email service providers and email clients (desktop and browsers).

Best Free Web Icon Packs for 2018

Best Free Web Icons Packs for 2018

There are certain things in user interfaces that are eternal. Whatever the trend is — skeuomorphic, minimal, flat — designers will adapt to the current situation. One of the integral bricks of any good design is icons. As a clear …

Google Announces AMP for Email

AMP for E-Mail

According to some, email was supposed to be obsolete a long time ago. Well, neither Facebook nor countless chat apps succeeded at dethroning email from our lives. More than 270 billion emails were sent each day in 2017. Today, with …

Postcards – Drag and Drop Responsive Email Templates Builder


Postcards is here and we want to show them to you! Using Postcards, you can create beautiful responsive emails/newsletters templates in minutes with drag and drop features and ready-made modules. Generated and exported emails are optimized for most popular email …

Google Announces AMP Stories for Creatives

AMP Stories

AMP, Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project aimed at making mobile pages load fast, just got updated to include custom visuals. It was about time. AMP Stories changes everything! The newly launched AMP Stories format is an addition to the AMP Project and …

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