30+ Examples of Patterns, Textures and Noise Effects in Web Design

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Among the millions of websites available online, you would have come across that most of them are designed in a manner that looks real and authentic. This is mainly achieved by the usage of the textures, patterns and the noise effects in the web designing. The textures play a major role in supporting the context of the online business and also supports in the promotion of the products and services. There should be a proper balance between all the three aspects of the elements of the web designing. Nowadays, the usage of textures in websites has become quite popular.

Also, you should make sure that the textures should not be added too much which would make the whole website look messy. The right degree of these important elements is quite necessary in order to attract the viewers. To get a perfect design, the shape, color, direction, texture, and the line work should be in perfect balance. Though there are a variety of textures available online, choose the one that is suitable with the contents or the topic of your website. A good combination of color on the website makes it visually appealing and attractive to the users.

One of the crucial aspects of any online business is a well-designed website since it is used a medium or a channel for sales of the products and services. The design patterns must be carefully chosen since it aids in the complete success of a website. Just like the patterns and the textures, the flash designing which involves the graphic with awesome animation sounds are also quite essential for any website. The sound or the noise effects are also important for the success of a website designing since it reaches the customers easily.

Though there is a wide range of tools in Photoshop, details like shading, shapes, patterns, and textures are very important. By using appropriate patterns in the website, you can make it look very romantic and appealing to the users. The line works and the lines would be used in all pages of the website which should be appropriately positioned. It acts as the borders or the rulers of the site and can also be positioned vertical or horizontal. Depending on the contents or the styles of the pages on the website, the textures must be chosen.

Patterns, Textures and Noise Effects in Web Design

Visual Notion

Visual Notion’s Design is a place where tech features such as the image of an astronaut meet an authentic art such as grunge texture and watercolor spots. As a result, the website looks original, easily separating itself from the competition.

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Here the textured background enriched with watercolor touches feels like at home. Chalk style typography, big bold letterings, stamp and badges, and embossed effects work perfectly with the unpolished and scabrous canvas.

Solid Giant

The team uses several textures: smooth and polished grey texture for the background and fabric-like pattern for navigation to make it feel like a ribbon. As a consequence, we can witness a harmonious design with a compelling artistic atmosphere.

Hugs For Monsters

Hugs for Monsters’ homepage is just fantastic. It instantly catches an eye with its bright charisma. Here the heavily noised background perfectly emphasizes the beauty and quirkiness of the chalk style illustration.


Beautiful fabric texture marks the header area of the WPZOOM’s homepage. It nicely contributes to the overall dark aesthetics, and at the same time keeps the design away from looking gloomy and murky.

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To save the blog’s design from the banalities, the team behind Unlayered uses an asymmetrical two-column layout as well as spices things up with crafty icons and beautiful smooth textures.


The team behind BigEyeCreative leverages many decorative details in the website: starting from beautiful hand-drawn heart shapes and ending with highly realistic leaves and skeuomorphic pumpkin. Here the texture background is an instrument that makes all these things coexist on the website harmoniously.

rShahin Designs

rShahin Designs’ boasts of a marvelous retro atmosphere. And as we know, there is no complete old-timely design without a pack of grunge textures. The latter is used to prettify not only the background but also text and some other integral details.


The team behind STAYA STAYA was managed to pull off the multilayered aesthetics. The beauty of the project lies in several important things and textures are one of them. Together with the watercolor effect, they create the entire entourage providing images and stocks with an extremely artistic background.

Balencic Creative Group

The official website of Balencic Creative Group greets the online audience with a fantastic navigational centerpiece that grabs the overall attention. Here the smooth polished, textured background is a well-thought-out choice: it contributes to the aesthetics and does not pull the blanket over itself.

La Web Shop

Elegant grunge texture with noise details ideally blends into the homepage of La Web Shop.  It plays nicely with sketch-like illustrations and icons.

El Passion

The homepage of El Passion’s website is populated with letterpress text and elements with a noticeable shadow. Here the polished grainy texture fits like a glove tying everything together.

cultural solutions

This is another website design in our collection that includes embossed elements. And when it comes to embossed effect, there is no better way of highlighting its beauty than to use rough paper texture on the back. It enhances the decorative elements favorably.

Leaderbe Consulting

The design of Leaderbe Consulting has various textures and patterns. Note the crafty combination of all of them. The hero area does not overwhelm visitors nor look messy. There are many layers, yet everything is well-balanced.


With his portfolio, Phil Stringfellow proves everyone that he has an eye to detail. The design is polished, clean and sleek. The grainy texture effectively ties together the background and foreground making the design look harmonious.

Neutral Milk Hotel

The team behind Neutral Milk Hotel uses grunge textures to recreate the retro design. Along with old-timey illustrations, pastel coloring, and typography they do an effective job of establishing the proper atmosphere.

War Child

Unlike the previous example where a texture is an integral part of the aesthetics, here it is just a nice finishing touch. It works perfectly with the quirky typography and silhouette illustrations but still stays in the back playing the secondary role.


Griffinabox is a unique example of a design where crafty textures meet the glossy, realistic mockups. It does not look ridiculous whatsoever. These two solutions can be rarely seen together, but as it turned out, they may form a powerful union.


To enhance the reading experience, the team behind Tabspresso has opted in favor of several time-proven tricks. First of all, they use an old-timey newspaper-inspired typeface. Secondly, they use shadows to make headings look prominent. Finally, they use a grunge texture on the back to finish off the design.

Big Daddy Weave

Big Daddy Weave is a mixture of images and decorative details. Grunge textures in tandem with watercolor touches stand behind the aesthetic part of the project. They are used to enrich panels, sections and even logotype and illustrations.

iconSweets 2

To make things even sweeter, the designer’s team of iconSweets 2 uses pinkish honeycomb pattern with a medium transparency level. It adds a subtle touch of geometric appeal skillfully contributing to the project’s nature.


Textures in Emailwear website can be barely seen, yet they are there. This subtle usage makes things interesting and intriguing.

Redefine Sydney

Unlike the previous example, here textures scream out the artistic nature of the project. They are bold, colorful and eye-catching. The diamond shape goes perfectly well with the boxy aesthetics of the theme.

Cake Sweet Cake

The vertical striped background enriched with the subtle noise supports the schmaltzy atmosphere of this sweet design. This is a good example where everything is planned down to the last detail.

Pop The Box

The design is marked by a beautiful symbiosis of two textures. The polished grainy texture enhances the top bar whereas the marvelous plaid-style pattern prettifies the rest of the hero area.

Cupcakes Portsmouth

In the website of Cupcakes Portsmouth textures are used only on the background. However, it does not mean that they do not produce any powerful impact. On the contrary, they are responsible for the overall aesthetics setting the proper tone for the project.


wakWAW has a rowdy-dowdy atmosphere that is mostly achieved by the typography and illustrations. The texture is an integral element here that makes the design feel complete.

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