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There are many ways one can showcase its designs, but doing it in perspective is definitely one of the most exciting ones. The feel you get by looking at such a showcase is amazing, because it makes the designs feel real, and this is also the reason why we decided to take a look at several perspective designs which come in PSD for free, so you can download them and play with them however you like.

Remember that all of these templates are created by someone through a lot of work, and especially because they are free, you need to give credit to the author in case you use them or some elements of them. You know, it’s just the right thing to do.

Free Perspective App Mockups

Isometric Perspective Screens Mock-Up

Isometric Perspective Screens Mock-Up

This great mockup doesn’t only come with a great design on it, but also with a layered PSD that you can build your own design on. This is even more exciting than having to create all these layers and forms on your own, so it will cut off a lot of work for you if you get it.

If we look at the great design showcased, we can notice different elements, such as a weather app, a calendar, a stocks app, settings, login menu and so on, which shows that all kinds of apps can be showcased using this isometric perspective. It will make everything look great and many will be jealous of your designs.

iOS 7 Weather app

iOS 7 Weather app

This second example is showcasing another great application mock-up. It is a design for a weather app in style with the guidelines of iOS7 from Apple. The design is put into perspective over a background of wood and the colors look amazing when thinking of the contrast they make. The application looks very clean and the design seems to be incredible.

3D Perspective Mock-up

3D Perspective Mock-up

This other example comes from Dribbble and showcases different app screens in different colors, but what is most exciting about this PSD is that the author allows anybody to download and use these resources for free. In case you don’t want to spend time creating this perspective app solution on your own, this should be a great resource.

iGravertical Screen Layers

iGravertical Screen Layers

Today’s fifth example comes from a designer who wanted to play with the beta version of iOS7 and redesign some of the original apps with his own style. It seems like he came up with some great ideas, as well as a great way of showcasing the app. Thanks to its design, you can display up to four different apps in the same screen and the technique is based on Smart Objects in Photoshop.

Isometric Perspective Mock-up

Isometric Perspective Mock-up

This mock-up comes with three different depth sizes that you can adjust quite easily. We are speaking here of 5 pixels, 10 pixels and 15 pixels, all of which look different and offer a different feeling to the user as well. The layered PSD is editable via Smart Objects and adding your own design onto this mock-up should be a piece of cake.

iPhone Mock-up PSD

iPhone Mock-up PSD

Showcasing your app in perspective should also be quick and easy to do when you want to show it in its real environment: the iPhone. Therefore we are showing you this example, which comes free of charge, that you can quickly adjust and make it look like your application is browsed at the moment from the phone.

Via Smart Objects in Photoshop you will be able to add your own screen to the iPhone incredibly fast, so you can actually have your own app showcased there in a matter of seconds.

App Screen Front View

App Screen Front View

We showed you lots of apps in perspective, but none of them viewed from the front. Well, this one does exactly that, and it comes as a PSD free of charge for everybody, where Smart Layers can help you adjust it in such a way that you application will be showcased there, instead of the default one.

It is quite difficult to find more of these mock-ups in PSD out there, as many of them do not come free of charge. On top of that, many designers work on such mock-ups, but do not release the layered PSDs, so they are useless in case you want to make use of them, and can only be used for inspiration.

The 11 templates we showed you today can be used for everything, from inspiration to actually taking them further and adjusting them so that they fit your needs – and all that for no money. As said in the beginning of the article though, I would encourage all of you to give credit to the author, as these templates take a lot of work to create.


  1. mj Nov 28, 4:17 am

    what about the perspective mock-ups of webpage layout..? :)
    It’d sure be helpful

    • Raul Nov 28, 1:19 pm

      Try Isometric Perspective Mock-ups. They’ll do the job for any size and aspect ratio :)

  2. Agustín Nov 28, 7:21 pm

    You… Are… A… Genius! The iPhone Mock-up PSD is just what I was looking for! Thank you so much!!! Amazing collection!

    • Umer Dec 11, 11:52 am

      Do I need to skew my mocks to create similar effect ? I am confused how to use this . Please advise.

  3. Sagi Shrieber Nov 29, 12:50 pm

    Can I suggest my freebie to be added to the list? :)

  4. Blaz Dec 2, 12:58 am

    Very nice collection! We’ve managed to turn this into a plugin
    It’s paid but worth a look see if you like the above ones!

    iOS weather app is the best one for me tho! Great execution!!

  5. Adrian Pascanu Dec 18, 6:42 pm

    It does not work that iPhone Mockup :( , after editing, I save and it doesn’t show that perspective style, it looks normal …I flattened the image..same result.
    Help me :D

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