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Useful Photoshop Actions and Templates

In large part, you’ll see color enhancements that are largely unnatural. Photoshop is known for its ability to provide quite unnatural images, but these actions typically serve to give your photos a more defined look. For instance, you might find examples of a Photoshop action in which a man’s skin is golden instead of something more normal. That golden texture is usually a response to a Photoshop action or template rather than the man having actually painted himself with gold paint. Many of these Photoshop actions actually just enhance the quality of the picture. Others don’t have anything to do with image enhancement at all. In fact, some of the actions are built around creating certain items like maps or dynamic text.

The best part about these actions is that they can be downloaded from a variety of different sources and applied within moments. They also allow for easy, wholesale editing that might otherwise take hours if you had to do it all manually. The following list is comprised by some of the best and most useful Photoshop actions and templates for your images and other Photoshop usages.

Premium Photoshop Actions and Templates

3D Map Generator – Action

This action essentially allows you to create miniature maps that are primed for telling a story or conveying an idea. All you really have to do is designate a shape for the land, and then add certain accoutrements to the new terrain. For instance, you can place a golf course or a hotel and use the map as a sort of model of a new development.

Dimensions – 3D Generator Action

As the name suggests, you will be able to generate 3D versions of otherwise 2D images. This is most usable for text so that you can maintain the integrity of the original 2D form, but enhance it for 3D use. After one click, you can have 3D text or images, and you can even add shadows and shading for a fuller effect.

Newsletter Template Builder

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PROActions Bundle – Film & Special Effects

The PROActions Bundle comes with a wide variety of effects aimed at enhancing your images professionally. There are traditional options like “sharpen” and “contrast,” but there are also special effects that give your image a highly unique quality. In total, you’ll have 72 choices, none of which will harm or alter the initial layer.

22 Vintage Letterpress Photoshop Actions

With these 22 letterpress actions, you’ll be able to take your standard lettering and give it a sort of retro feel. This is perfect for creating logos to give you an added touch of authenticity.

90 Premium Actions Set

Ideal for photographers and designers, this action set is full of different filters that can give your images an added spark. Each action is processed to bring out the most texture in any and all of your images and photographs.

3D Map Generator Pro – Easy Routes

Earlier in the list, we mentioned the 3D Map Generator. This action allows you to create maps and routes with the click of the button. It comes with several different icons to make your maps appear rather nifty to the eye.

Bootstrap Template Builder

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HDR Legendary Image Action

The High Dynamic Range actions in this set are breathtaking to say the least. They take your images and process them into higher resolutions. This is ideal for any kind of advertising or simple image enhancement. There are 40 different actions with over 1,000 different unique outcomes.

Stitched Leather Generator

Optimized for creating stitched leather text, this action is perfect for any web designers who need a unique flair. It comes with limitless color options and tons of customizability.

3D That! – Get into three dimensions

Taking 2D images and turning them into 3D images has never been quite this easy. As long as you’ve indicated the layer, you can easily get that 2D image off of its flat surface. This is perfect for logos or icons that just need a little extra something.

Engrave Photoshop Actions Kit

This set allows you to alter the texture of your images to make them appear engraved. There are 7 different engraving options to choose from and all of them will give you a unique look and feel.

Bundle – Dimensions – 3D Generator Action

The Dimensions bundle comes with three distinct styles of 3D-generating actions: basic, metal, and glossy. Each of those categories has their own styles to make 3D generation a unique experience. You can also use any and every image to make it 3D with a single click.

65 Premium Actions Set

This collection of 65 different actions gives you the ability to alter and enhance your images to bring out all the subtleties and textures. There are quite a bit of different categories from HDR to Black & White, giving you the ability to edit your images or photos how you see fit.

3D Box Generator Action set & Templates

Designing a box for your product is streamlined with the 3D Box Generator. All you have to do is create the design for your box in 2 dimensions, run the script, and then you’ll have a sleek, stylish 3D box to advertise your products.

Blueprint Generator: Action + Layer Styles + Pat

It takes only one click to create a blueprint background, and then you can just sort of go wild. The set comes with 40 different elements for blueprint creation and makes an architect’s job considerably easier.

Map Creator – Action

The foldable map in this map creator provides you with a canvas of sorts to include all sorts of pins, needles, and icons. You’ll find that the map can also double as a way of conveying data in the form of unique graphs and charts.

50 Photo Effects – Curl & Shadows

This set of photo effects comes complete with the ability to “curl” the image’s edge. You can also apply shadows among 50 other unique effects. You can use any image or photo at any resolution to achieve your desired result.

Photograph to Sketch Art – Photoshop Action

With this Photoshop action, you’ll be able to take virtually any image on your computer and turn it into a complete sketch. Images that feature people, places, and things will be transformed into a high-quality sketch in the space of a single minute.

Universal 3D Generator Action

The Universal 3D Generator Action allows you to take any 2D image and make it 3D. There are two readymade styles that will give your image a distinct coloration after the transformation has been completed.

Chalkboard Generator: Action + Layer Styles

Generating a digital chalkboard has perhaps never been simpler. You can generate the chalkboard with a click and insert images to make chalky replications of those images. It comes in six distinct colors along with the ability to easily create your own.

There are a lot of Photoshop actions that serve a wide variety of different purposes. You’ll find image enhancers, map generators, and even blueprint creators. Virtually anyone with any knowledge of Photoshop can make use of some of these actions. Whether you’re a designer or an architect or anything in between, you’ll be able to find something useful here.

Many people know Photoshop as the easiest way to create all kinds of different digital accoutrements. Frequently, you’ll see stories of magazine editors altering certain celebrity photos in Photoshop to make them more aesthetic to the consumer. But, of course, Photoshop has a variety of other, less dubious features as well. If you have any experience with Photoshop, then you’ll know that it can be used to augment a variety of images. Oftentimes, these functions boil down to filters for images to make them more dynamic than their regular selves. These are often referred to as Photoshop actions because they are generally applied with a single click. You’ll also find certain design options unaffiliated with any image enhancement referred to as actions.

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