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Photoshop is perhaps best known as the program in which images can be altered to look real or at least more aesthetic. Most people have seen before and after Photoshop “makeovers” at some point in their lives. But, Adobe Photoshop has an incredible amount of other uses beyond touching up photos and making fantastical images. It’s used often to make all kinds of different templates for several useful things online. But it can also be used to create unique fonts, text effects, and add-ons. If this seems a little over your head, then there are plenty of designers that create, market, and sell their own text effects for download.

In large part, these files are going to be given to you after purchase in the form of PSD or ASL files. Both files are compatible with Photoshop so that you can customize the effects even further to meet your preferences. Of course, many individuals are happy just to get the unique text effects and won’t edit them in any way.

These text effects are most often going to be used for web design, app design, or virtually anything that involves the use of text. You could even use these effects on business proposals, in PowerPoint presentations, and on invoices. It’s really up to you once you purchase the license.

Indeed, there are plenty of options when it comes to these text effects and styles. In fact, you could feasibly waste hours digging through the vast amounts of text effects and add-ons on the web. Below you’ll find a list of the best of these effects to be used for your own personal designs.

Premium Photoshop Text Effects & Styles

Elegant Glass Text Effects & Styles

The transparent text styles of this package will give your text a definitively sophisticated feel. There are 8 different styles in total ranging from light to dark. These styles also work well as icons and buttons if you’re in need of some of those.

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Pressed – Letterpress Photoshop Styles

With these letterpress Photoshop styles, you won’t have to worry about wasting time creating your own. There are 15 styles for you to choose from, all of which provide you with letters that are virtually indented for an interesting look.

New 3D Text Styles

3D text really helps your documents stand out among the rest. With these styles, you’ll notice your content really popping from the page. You can change the size of the letters while also choosing between 1 and 6 different colors.

Premium text styles

The text styles in this set provide you with 6 different unique options including clear, chrome, and gold. They are optimized for bold and thin fonts to really allow them to jump off the page. The design is truly streamlined and perfect for any textual endeavor.

Supreme Fire Text Styles

Ideal for fire-themed video games or websites, these fire text styles are burning hot. There are ten distinct styles to choose from each of which will certainly burn into the retinas of any onlookers. They work best with darker styles to really enhance the smoldering nature of the text.

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Chrome & Crystal Photoshop Styles 1of3

The sleek chrome designs of these styles are highly stylized and look to be suited to all sorts of hip designs. There are 10 distinct styles, all of which are created using only a single layer. The package comes complete with a video tutorial that can help you get through the difficult editing process.

16 Quality Styles (Gold, Chrome, Glass and more)

The major selling point here is the amount of different styles you receive. In addition to the three listed in the title, you’ll find copper, metal, and silver styles among others. With so many styles in a single package, you’re bound to find one that leaves a good impression.

10 Metal Photoshop Styles

With ten metal styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. The sturdy designs look like they’ve been forged in the hottest smelters and they can give your print or web content a definitive fierceness.

Pressed And Embossed Styles

The elegant styles in this set of text add-ons provide you with ample choices for any potential documents you might need editing. There are 5 pressed styles and 5 embossed styles along with 10 different backgrounds to choose from. Seven of those backgrounds are clean while 3 of them can give you some flashiness if you want.

Glowing Light Text Effect and Styles

The glowing text has a decidedly neon-like design that is perfect if you want to brighten up your content. Of course, the glowing lights are all set against darker backgrounds to create for a pleasing contrast. There are 9 different styles in a variety of colors to fit with your desired theme.

Medieval Photoshop Text Effects 2 of 2

The sequel to the successful original Medieval Photoshop Text Effects provides users with the same kind of Old World styles as before. There are 12 unique styles and huge differences from the first pack that can give your medieval-themed content an authentic edge.

Comic Book Text Styles

Comic book enthusiasts and fans of bright text will enjoy these Comic Book Text Styles. You can “ka-pow” your way to some vibrant content with these styles. There are 8 different options to choose from, each of which is unique and still highly editable.

Medieval Photoshop Text Effects 1 of 2

The second part of this pack has already appeared earlier in this list. When you take a look at these medieval text styles, you’ll see why they both make the “best-of” list. There are 12 styles to choose from that will pop off the screen or page for any and all Old World content.

Incognia – Professional Glossy Text Styles

With this pack of 18 different styles, you’ll find sleekly designed text that can either be flashy or more reserved depending on your taste. Fourteen of the styles are high-resolution images and can be scaled to as large or as small as you want.

Artbees Grungy Text Styles – Dirty & Scratched

The imperfectness of these designs is exactly what makes them interesting to look at. There are only two styles, but they are both highly customizable even more than most other text options. These text options are perfect for any extreme content.

Ilumina Glowing Text Styles

Here you’ll find bright colors and bonus background light effects that can make your content sparkle. It comes in three different color styles with high-quality texts that can spruce up any website or piece of paper.

Embossed Style Effect – 3D Clean Shadow

This effect not only works with all kinds of fonts, it also works with shapes. Thus, you can theoretically emboss any icons or logos to help them fit with the rest of the textual theme. It only takes a single click to get your shapes and text stylishly embossed. There are six different styles made from 3 different layers to make the customization process that much easier.

Premium 3D Text Styles

The bold text styles found in this pack are well-worth your time. The 3D designs seem to rise off the page in one of 4 different color schemes that you can choose. Changing the color and the font type are both a breeze as well.

Anyone looking to create a unique design for their most important documents or websites will found something usable on this list. More and more people are seeking these distinctive text styles because it can be hard to stand out without something unique to bolster you. With one of these dynamic text styles, you’ll be able to really set the ethos for your content. Whether you run a medieval roleplaying game or you’re an advertising executive, these fonts can be of great use in attracting users to your brand.

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