How Pinterest Changed Web Design

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The field of computer and internet has witnessed many transformations with the advent of technologies. Modern world is full of applications, tools and systems that are busy to make the world of internet more attractive and effective for the users. This is easily understandable that though the main conception of internet remains same but there are lots of other elements that are included in it in order to make it more perfect for the modern people of this planet.

The most amazing thing about the internet is since the very first day of its invention, experts of this zone are trying to improve it and they have succeed a lot in their effort. Still the attempt is going on to make the invention more developed and more apt for the users. Every day we see lots of new tools and technologies are invented, introduced and utilized in the course of making internet more and more user-friendly. However, not all of them are proved to be good enough for this attempt but still there is no any scarcity of endeavor. Pinterest is one such element in this effort of making the use of internet more attractive to the users.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest Logo

In a basic conception Pinterest is an online pin board. Just like the real pin board of your home or office, it also helps you to collect and share all the beautiful things at one place that you have gathered from the net. According to Wikipedia, Pinterest is a typical pin-board styled social image sharing website. The service of this website allows the users to create and as well as manage the theme based picture collections. Like the other social networking sites, here also you have to be a member of the site, have to have a log in ID for that and then only you can share your images with others.

What Can Be Done with Pinterest?

There are lots of things that can be done in this website or there are lots of reasons why this platform can be used. You can re-decorate your home by searching and pinning sketches and designing ideas on the pin-board of Pinterest and later you can collect them from that board. In that site you can save some brilliant decoration ideas for your new home. Similarly you can use it for your wedding. You can collect different elements for your big day and pin them on the pin board. Moreover, you can get comments from your friends and families about your collection and planning and get to know what they prefer for you. You can save your favorite recipes with realistic images and make a great dinner for your family on a Sunday.

This website becomes one of the main topics of discussion in the current area of internet related arguments since it has lots of elements to discuss. Some people see it as a very strong and useful medium for internet marketing and some find it a good enough site for changing the old fashioned conception of web designing. Some find it very profitable for the small business owners and some see it a great way to gather and share thoughts in a very innovative ways with others.

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All at once, it can be said that Pinterest have lots of things to offer for its users, and it depends completely upon the users how they find it and use it for their individual purposes.

Since it is a social image sharing site so, it can be used for promoting businesses in a very rare but effective style. With stunning design the website is capable enough to draw the attention of the viewers. Small business owners use this website as a platform for the promotion of their business among the millions of people at a time. However, in order to take the full advantage of such advance technologies and business ideas you have to be well aware about the latest happening of this zone of internet. Otherwise you may spend huge amount of money to promote your business online and get a poor result after that. In that case it is always better to be aware of this kind of latest services in the internet and take the full advantage of them in promoting your products or services.

Why Use It for Business Promotion?

With a 10 million members the site is capable enough to make your product or business idea a popular one among the field of internet. Normally business owners like to use Pinterest for promoting their business because:

  • The site is magnificently designed to capture maximum viewers and it is successful in its basic aim.
  • The site has some elements that make the users kind of addictive to it and that is why people revisit the site and you get your chance to promote your business again and again to millions of people.
  • The design of the website is so user friendly that it allows the users to get link with other social networking sites, which makes it more attractive.
  • Pinterest is a site that has a good amount of in-bound links with every pin.
  • You get some great buyers out of some casual lookers very easily through this website.
  • While you are promoting your own brand in this website, you can find how other people do the same in a different manner in Pinterest. It gives you newer and better ideas of marketing.
  • The website is so greatly designed that it is described as “eye candy”, which means you don’t need to think about gathering people to your website, all you need to do is to pin your product or business idea on the Pinterest and people will automatically get attracted to it.

This is why you should think about using Pinterest for promoting products or businesses. But there are lots of other reasons that make Pinterest a great website to visit. The design of the website is of course one of those many reasons.

Effective Design

There are many expert website designers and developers who have considered the design of the site pretty exciting and interesting as well. They also find it very attractive for those who love to visit sites with lots of individualities and variations. Unlike other networking sites Pinterest have lots of services that make it unique of course. According to some professional and experienced web designers the tiny blocks of the site look like mini web page with features like “re-pin”, “like” and “comment” button at the bottom. The major part of each block is filled up with the image so all together it gives the impression of a tiny web page.


How does it Change the Conception of Website Designing?

The stage of website designing is full of different characters. And all of them have their own particular roles to play to make the entire act successful. It has designing materials, useful features, attractive images, bright colors, eye catchy contents, perfect placing of images and texts in a page, combination of imagination and technology and lots more other kind of things. All these elements together make the website a successful one in terms of attracting visitors and gaining traffic.

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Hence the entire conception of website designing must be dealt with extreme care. A single drawback in any of these segments can ruin the total effort. Visitors, who like to browse different websites for several purposes, get attracted to those websites that have all of these above mentioned features in them. So it is the duty of a web designer or a website developer to create such a website that fulfills every need of a viewer.

While we are talking about the website of Pinterest, it has been said many times that Pinterest changed the web design or it has given a great transformation to the whole conception of website designing. Is it really so? How can a single website change the entire idea of website designing? What exactly the designers of this site do to make it such a highly discussed website among the numerous web users?

How it is different?

Actually the design of Pinterest is so finely planned that it seems different from others. The designers and developers have done a splendid job and there is no doubt about it. However, they did not do something that no one else can ever imagine except them. They have planned the design of the website for Pinterest in a very clean and clear way; there is no any mess of conception, moreover they have executed the plan in a very professional manner. They have amalgamated all the essential elements of a successful website in the design in a very proficient way. And finally they have presented all these conception and planning in such a measured manner that people love to visit it again and again.

Pin Boards

There are very few sites in the internet that make the idea of web designing so exciting for the general viewers that they just love to keep the site in their list of favorites. With some exclusive features and effective buttons the website of Pinterest makes a new kind of revolution in the field of web designing. That is why website designers and developers as well as the general viewers and business owners are so excited about this site and its features.

The design elements of this website is a great item to be considered by the learners of this field. They can find a lot of variations and interesting turns in this site that are totally new for the area of web designing. These design elements have made the site one very prominent among many other similar sites where people are invited to share their views, images and other kind of thoughts; that we normally know in the name of social networking sites. Being a social image sharing site Pinterest has all the basic features of such websites however, it has collected and presented some distinct qualities as well that make it few steps ahead of the queue.


The idea of doing something different from the rest in the web world has made it so exclusive. The site does not use the traditional blocks that are normally used in website building projects. Nonetheless, it has a deep similarity with the conception of “window-shopping” which is not very common in other websites. On the other hand it offers plenty of spaces to the users to share their views and add their comments, which is again a good sign of efficient web designing. Visitors always prefer to visit or re-visit those sites that allow them to give comments or share views with other visitors in the net. Research has proved that websites that are promoted on Pinterest get more traffic than a combined promotional result of Google+, LinkedIn or YouTube. Of course there is something rare and effective in the designing element of the site otherwise this could not be happened.

That is why it does not sound exaggerated when it is said that the website of Pinterest changed the conception of web designing. Every day numerous websites are built and launched in the internet. Some of them gain good rate of traffic; however, some of them lose their ways in the crowd of countless websites. But very few of them have earned traffic and reputation in such an amount that it becomes an example for the others. Similar kind of thing happens with the website of Pinterest. With some stunning design element and useful features this website really rules the zone of internet. The changing factors of web design are reflected in a very positive and clear way into this website.

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