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25+ Premium Calendar Resources for Designers and Web Developers

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We are constantly travelling aimlessly through time, not knowing where the next second is going to take us. Our world is spinning faster and faster, leaving us sometimes overwhelmed by its fading beauty.

But you have to keep moving on and live in the present and try to be aware of it. The time continues to flow and it’s hard to keep track of it. That’s why people always try to invent systems for things that are hard to perceive.

Although its a simple and ancient system for time organisation and partition in days, in this modern world, the calendar hasn’t lost it’s importance and utility. Moreover, it is an element present almost all of the times on websites and blogs for organising posts and themes by their age or update date.

There are a lot of calendar resources over the internet with psd or eps files. Today we gathered 25+ of the bestΒ  premium calendar resources. Take a look at this showcase and maybe you will find some calendar for your taste. I’m sure there will be at least something that will catch your eye and make you want to use it on your website. Enjoy!

Calendar Resources for Designers and Web Developers

Calendar PSD Template

Web Icon Calendar

Slick Calendar – 3 Colors

Event Calendar

Online HTML Email Template Builder

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Totally Resizible Calendar – Date picker

Web Calendar Bubbles (Date Bubbles)

Pro Calendar Pack

Blog Date Bubbles, Web Icon Calendar

Popup Datepicker

Carbon Date Picker

Standalone (two sided) Desk Calendar 2011

2011 Desk Calendar Designer Template

Wall Calendar 2010 [ 12 page ]

2011 Company Desk Calendar (Vector)

Wall Calendar 2011 with four templates

2011 Wall Calendar – 15 Months + Cover

Calendar Icon

Reusable Calendar Icons

A Collection of Calendar Icons

Date Calendar Icon Pack

Calendar Icons

WAW Alert – Calendar & Events Email Template

PHP Event Calendar

Smooth PHP Calendar Reloaded

Timeline calendar

jQuery Date Range Picker

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